5 Quick and Easy Beauty Tips New Moms Should Try.

Motherhood changes it all. On one hand you gleam on becoming a new mom but on the flip side its flaws like sleep deprivation, multitasking and erratic eating habits take its toll on your physical appearance. Undeniably, catering to the needs of your infant leaves you too pressed for time to waste in front of mirror for an elaborate beauty regime.

But just because you recently had a kid doesn’t mean you loose sense of your beautiful self.  Since you don’t get much time to get the beauty treatments done in a saloon, I bring you these quick beauty tips and tricks to rev up your new mommy looks and thus your confidence too.

  1. Face: Splash lots of cold water on your face, the first thing in the morning. This will not only make you look fresh but also bring relief to those puffy eyes which have been kept awake night after night. Before retiring to bed you can try giving a gentle massage on your face and neck with an ice-cube,wrapped in a soft cloth. This is one of the easiest way to enliven your skin. You can also check my post on health and beauty care tips during monsoons.

Also shun that make-up kit also for some time, (anyways who has the time to deck-up elaborately) for all you need is a good moisturizer for daily use. To enliven up your outdoor looks invest in a good tinted moisturizer and an under-eye concealer. Finish the routine with a hint of kajal which, trust me, will instantly brighten your face.

While venturing out, don’t forget to put sun-screen and a touch of lip-gloss, along with your pretty smile ofcourse.

  1. Hair: To add to your looks get a new hairstyle which is easy to maintain. You can try a shoulder length layered cut which can be kept loose when you are in a mood to go out and easily tied up in a pony when you are busy with the baby and other household chores. Pixie-cut, fringe; or any short and sweet cut can also do wonders for your looks.

Use a shampoo plus conditioner (two-in-one bottle) to save precious minutes. One trick I follow when I don’t find time to shampoo my hair is to use dry shampoo. As the name suggests you just have to spray or work the product into your hair to absorb excess oil and you are good to go. In fact, market is flooded with hair products which make it easy for a new mom to tame her mane.

  1. Eyebrows: Giving a perfect shape to eyebrows is one beauty hack which makes a big difference to your looks. Moreover, this trick is less pricey and is not as time consuming as getting an elaborate facial or pedicure/manicure. So don’t wait up, immediately book an appointment in your saloon and primp up your eyebrows to enhance your facial beauty.

     4.  Body: It’s a common practice among Indian household to eat ghee-laden eatables post-delivery. Though there’s nothing wrong to indulge once in a while but adding more fats every day to your already puffed-up body will make it difficult for you to get back to your original size. Try binging more on fruits and vegetables, instead.

And after taking your doctors permission, you can start simple exercise regime post-delivery to give a much needed boost to your body. Exercises like brisk walking, stretches, yoga will help increase your metabolism, keeps you stress-free and clear-headed;thus doing more for your looks than any beauty product.

    5. Water therapy: Besides keeping you hydrated, drinking water flushes out the toxins and decreases bloating and puffiness, both from body and face. This is the best beauty treatment as you don’t have to spend extra money or time but just a little effort to make it a part of your routine. For a glowing complexion and healthier you, drink atleast 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day. If you get bored of drinking plain water, squeeze a little lemon with a dash of honey in lukewarm water. They say this concoction also help dissolving excess fats from body, if consumed first thing in morning.                       

Above all eat right, sleep tight and remain positive. This all translates to beauty only.

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