5 Things We (Women) learned to live Without in the Pandemic.


The pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. Though it has made our routine, especially for women, more challenging; we are slowly and steadily adapting to life with coronavirus. As a working mother, I would say the present situation has allowed me to reassess priorities. Things like shopping, eating out, travel, and many such luxuries – that I thought were “must-haves” have become redundant, as I see my family doing just fine without them.

Here’s a list of 5 things that we (women) have survived without during the Pandemic.

  1. Trip to Salons: A Facebook conversation initiated by a friend, who mentioned she didn’t go to the salon for more than a year and yet managed to not scare anyone, elicited lots of responses from the womenfolk. Most women agreed they did not mind their natural looks now, while many others took the beauty matters into their own hands- they learnt to shape eyebrows and trim hair by seeing DIY tutorials on YouTube.

By Avoiding going to salons for the fear of contracting Covid we have conformed to the saying that the outer beauty doesn’t matter as long as our inner well-being and happiness is intact.

     2. Maids: I remember those days of strict lockdown when we would do the entire household chores by ourselves, without any external help. It seemed impossible that time, but we did it. I am still managing my house without any maid or cook. Each morning I get up, I think I am staying in the US, where, in most families, the housework is done as a team effort. To makes chores a breeze, while I am at it, I assume dusting, sweeping, cleaning as a form of workout. Another good outcome of the situation has been the increase of my husband’s contribution to household work.

     3. Shopping: I love fashion, and enjoyed shopping for clothes, heels, bags in the pre-covid era. But since the pandemic started, I hardly bought any of these items. Many clothing in my wardrobe is lying untouched as I am in my loungewear or comfy ‘PJ’S at home.

Having my world confined within the four walls, I realized that all this (fashionable) stuff means nothing. I am starting to enjoy the new minimalist lifestyle and want to stay on this course forever.

    4. Unnecessary Travel: Since we have adopted a technology-based solution for connecting, travel via car and flights have decimated. To stretch our legs during the pandemic, we go for morning and evening walks, or else, I cycle with my kids. We have also started exploring drive-to destinations, instead of making plans that require air travel.



     5. Desires: The leisure and the luxuries that we got so used to take a backseat and needs took over. Pandemic has taught us that as long as we have the basics- groceries, clothing and health in place we are content. Now instead of spending on dining outs, we are mostly cooking at home. Instead of going to the gym or Zumba, we are doing yoga and meditation. Instead of meeting friends at pubs or restaurants, we have a small get together at home.

Now I find solace in life’s little things – like a good book, a cup of tea, playing board games with kids, telephonic conversation with a friend, experimenting in the kitchen, and my work.

Final thought:

Hopefully, when we are out of this pandemic, we continue with the conscious way of living;  in a space that feels calmer and is built on appreciation and better understanding.


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4 thoughts on “5 Things We (Women) learned to live Without in the Pandemic.”

  1. Ruchi Verma at 6:27 pm

    I totally agree with you without maids and without shopping is something I I learnt to live but one thing I still need is to go to parlour or saloon for my basic needs.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna at 10:41 pm

    yes agree with pandemic, we had adjusted a lot and make many changes in our lifestyle routine. with this pandemic we had developed a fast adoptability mode and now we are surviving with these changes successfully. shopping is something that I had missed a lot in these days.

  3. Smitha N at 6:10 pm

    Pandemic has seriously made my life a bit tough as a single mom I have to, to look after everything house responsibility, kid, job everything actually this has changed our life.

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