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To maintain the heathy smile of your child, its important the dental care starts early and remain consistent. A good oral hygiene includes regular brushing twice a day, effective flossing, eating healthy, limited junk food, and routine visit to paediatric dentistry clinic. First dental visit should start by first birthday of the child.

Most of the kids have healthy set of teeth, but sometimes due to unhealthy eating habits and not brushing and flossing the right way and timely, makes them susceptible to dental decay and gum diseases.

Dental conditions that parents should keep an eye for: Dental cavities,white or brown spots, patches or lines on the teeth, gum infections, baby teeth or permanent teeth coming in later than expected, dry mouth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth etc.

My Experience with CHILDHOOD SMILES:

Making a child visit to a dentist can be stressful, especially young ones. To make the experience pleasant for my daughter I decided to take her to a paediatric dentist instead of the general dentist.

A paediatric dentist is trained extensively to treat all age group kids. A paediatric dentist is better equipped to work with kids, making them comfortable while addressing the oral issues. Their offices too designed in a way that doesn’t look intimidating to kids.
Upon recommendation of a friend, I decided to take my daughter to CHILDHOOD SMILES which is “the first exclusive paediatric dental care center in the north part of Bengaluru”.
We went there to address the toothache issue of my daughter. I was really worried in the beginning how my daughter will co-operate with the doctor. But the moment we stepped in the office we felt at ease immediately.

Pediatric dentistry clinic

The entire area is set up keeping the kids in mind. This child-theme clinic is extremely well maintained and hygienic. The place is designed more like a creche that provides fun environment to a kid. The moment you enter the clinic, your eyes will fall on a cute play area tucked at one side of the space. Specifically designed keeping the safety in mind, the play area has soft protective surface on which kids can enjoy their time with small toys, rides, pin- bowling while they wait for their turn. Another nook has a library where kids can sit, read their favorite book and relax. The walls are colorfully painted with some elements of flora and fauna. This whole inviting atmosphere is specially created to make a child feel relaxed and reduce the anxiety. There is small library with great choice of books for the parents as well. Since this was my first visit to the clinic, the staff was more than happy to give me a tour of the place. I was really impressed with the ambiance of the center – the soothing colors, playful props and friendly behavior of the staff left me quite impressed. And by the time the doctor was ready to see us, she looked quite cheerful.

pediatric dentistry clinic

pediatric dentistry clinic

The clinic has theme based operatory rooms- Jungle room and Space room that allows the child to choose their favorite environment for dental treatment. Since my daughter loves discovering more about the celestial bodies, she chose to get her dental treatment done in the space room.

The Chief Pediatric dentist, Dr Debarchhana Jena greeted my daughter with a smiling face and had a hearty conversation with her before starting the treatment. The doctor is really sweet, soft spoken and mazing with kids. She also had an interactive session with me to understand the oral and medical health history of my daughter. Doctor also explained the condition of the tooth with the help of X-ray. It clearly made me understand what treatment is needed for my daughter.

All through the treatment, I never felt she was in a hurry to get the job over with. I liked this approach since it makes a kid comfortable during the entire dental procedure. While the doctor was doing the dental filling for a mild cavity, my daughter was busy watching her favorite show on the TV that is mounted on the ceiling. This distracted her during the entire procedure, making it a painless episode for her. Being a mother, I must say it was a satisfying experience for me since my child didn’t have to go through any discomfort which is usually associated with any dental treatment.

Once the procedure was completed, my daughter also received a “certificate of bravery” and “zero cavity certificate, along with other goodies. In fact, I too got the “Proud Parent’ certificate. The very next day of our visit we also got a follow up call inquiring how my daughter was feeling following the cavity filling. And one week following the treatment we had a review visit where doctor checked if everything was fine with the previous treatment and a small counselling session was done with us that focussed on preventive approach, routine oral care instructions, which helps prevent the oral disease from occurring in the first place.

Here I must mention that while discussing regarding other treatment facilities available at the paediatric dentistry clinic, I got to know that besides Child-theme Clinic and Painless Dentistry, Childhood Smiles also offers Unique services like sedation dentistry that uses laughing gas to make the child calm and relaxed, Myofunctional Therapy that focuses on the correction of poor oral habits (teaching kids to breathe through their nose instead of mouth, the correct position of tongue, swallow correctly, continue widening jaws etc.) . Dr Debarchhana Jena is also certified to offer Special Dental Care for uniquely abled kids.

As far as I understood the center offers holistic treatment approach for children’s dental health. Dr Debarchhana along with her team will not only focus on your child’s current dental problem but solve the future risk,if any is present. This made me feel relaxed as my daughter is in the safe hands now.

The paediatric dentistry clinic- Childhood Smiles is located in the North Bengaluru and one can make an appointment either by calling their number ( +91-9611281163), by messaging them on their website ( or through Practo also. 

 I would absolutely recommend this paediatric dentistry and Dr Debarchhana Jena to all the parents who want a painless, holistic dental treatment approach for their kids.




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