If it’s a sudden and intense violence show which keeps your interests alive, then I would suggest you watch Abhay, a web series on ZEE5,India’s one of the most watched OTT platforms. After the successful debut of season 1, the makers are back with season 2 of Abhay; with stealer star cast and a gripping storyline.

Inspired by real life crime stories, in S2 Kunal Khemu reprises his role as Special Task Force officer, Abhay Pratap Singh who has to deal with some vicious maniacs as they need to be stopped before they strike. In this “brain over brawn” eight-episode series, Abhay has to test his limits of endurance and reasoning to overcome newer challenges. Directed by Ken Ghosh, Abhay is a gripping, fast -paced action thriller with not a single dull moment in the storyline.

Though the episodes are presented in the format of inverted detective story, where the viewer has seen the crime committed in the beginning only and also know the identity of the perpetrator, there is never a dull moment in this spine chilling narratives in which our protagonist plays the villain’s game better than the villain could have expected. All along though, Abhay has to keep the demons of his own mind in check to ward off the corruption and the pressure of the cases.


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Episode Synopsis

The first episode stars Chunkey Pandey as a killer who commits gruesome crime of “picking” the brains of entrance exams toppers and drinks it as a “brain soup”. Ewww. He is convincing both as a harmless photocopy shop owner and a serial killer. The first episode sort of sets the stage for what ensues.

Second episode is about a prostitute who would target men because she wants to take revenge from the man who forced her into this.The beautiful Bidita Bag portrays the role of a hardened sex worker. The fascinating way she takes the men to task makes it for a good viewing.

Seasoned actor Ram Kapoor plays villain in the third episode who kidnaps a bus full of school children but would release them only if Abhay solves the cases that he gives him. The reason why this psycho killer is making a mess in Abhay’s life is yet to be revealed.

The three episodes of S2 were premiered in the month of August, and two more are released on September 4th and rest three will be out soon.The cases in the due course will become gorier as the focus continues on the sociopaths and psychopaths living amongst people.

A few cases which this edge of the seat series will project are as follows:

  • A doctor is on a murder spree, waging a war against the creator who took away his sister.
  • A cop targets, lure and kill woman while wearing their lingerie and thus executing his mother old rituals to remain youthful.
  • A 20-year schizophrenic girl is on a murder spree of targeting men and brutally killing them.
  • A mechanical engineer who thinks homosexuality is a sin and is out to cleanse the society by killing people who, according to him, are infested by this disease.

Performances by the lead actor and Villains:

The dark and gritty storyline of each episode though is the main highlight of Abhay, but it’s the performances by the main ensemble of the series which is definite winner.

We have always associated Kunal Khemu, Chunky Pandey as someone who brings comic relief in the narratives. But here, the former’s restrained act and the latter’s maniac act is differently good and convincing. Ram Kapoor manages to get into the shoes of a villain quite well.It’s quite nice to see actors performing outside their comfort zones, especially Ram Kapoor who stuns the viewer with his role as a maniac killer.

Besides the performances by Asha Negi as a feisty television journalist and Nidhi Singh as a recruit in Lucknow STF is also a nice departure from the norm.

Final Verdict:

Along with twists and turns, and some intelligent investigations, if you can stand blood and some twisted crimes, this series from ZEE5 would definitely keep you hooked onto your television.

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  1. Preeti Chauhan at 1:25 pm

    While gritty crime stories tickle my cerebral cortex and I am quite interested to watch Kunal Khemu in a different kind of role , the blood and gore is not my thing . Thanks for the honest review .

  2. Seema at 6:32 pm

    Read a great lot of reviews over this thrilling show but yet to watch it. Will definitely find ime over the coming week and binge watch this one.

  3. Gunjan Upadhyay at 2:20 am

    I like kunal khemu and recently he is being a lot good. It would be interesting watching him in such an interesting dram, will check this weekend

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