Xplorabox: An activity box I recommend for your eight year old.

Of late I have been listening and reading a lot about the theme-based activity boxes, which according to feedback from many, are a great way for the kid to learn new things. These customized boxes are delivered right at your home every month, saving you the drudgery of going to a shop and explore the age-appropriate activity box for your kid.

My daughter is eight-year-old and is recently introduced the concept of fraction in Mathematics. Seeing her struggling to understand the concept, I first resorted to an online website thinking if she does some exercises based on fraction there, it might help her.  She did, but after 10 minutes said she is bored and started playing some other game on the computer.

Thinking it always better to engage kids in hands-on activity, I decided to give kids activity kit a try.   While doing my research on which box to order, I came across Xplorabox ; I found their website very customer-friendly, with proper images of the boxes, its content and good customer care team who respond to your query promptly. I took their monthly subscription and got my first delivery a week after.

It’s been almost 15 days since my daughter is doing activities from the box. Today I would like to give my genuine feedback on the box and its content.


  1. Science activity kit
  2. Math’s activity kit
  3. English/Math’s/Science worksheet
  4. Model-making kit

Activities one can do:

  1. The Maths activity was based on understanding the concept of fractions, in which the child is supposed to observe images and fraction given on the domino card and match it correctly to the corresponding card. In this way the child must make a whole domino chain which juts out in different direction from one hexagon cut-out placed in the center. Check my Instagram link to see the video https://www.instagram.com/p/BrEyzupAOFj/

2. The science activity teaches the kid about Food chain. The child must place the picture of the animals to the food web boards and food chain boards to complete the web and chain. In total there are 3 food web and 4 food chain to be completed. A reference sheet is also given, if needed.



3. As they say, all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy, Xplorabox took care of this aspect too by packing a working model kit inside the box. Here the child must make a Disc launcher with the help of material and instructions given.


4. There is a folder with colored practice worksheets on Maths, English and Science covering the topics like, fractions, food chain and English grammar.


The moment my daughter received the box, both I and her sat to do the activities. First, we started with the Maths. I must say, this activity on fractions is one of the best ways to teach the concept in a fun way. Once the things got much clearer, she got down to do the corresponding worksheets and to my surprise was able to get most of them correctly.

The science activity required little help, as she had never heard of a few animals mentioned, like Arctic Cod, Rattle Snake, but it was also a blessing in disguise, as we made it a point to Google about these animals, thereby helping her to learn more about animal kingdom.

The model making was, no doubt, the most amazing activity to help nature my kid’s creative spirit in fun way.  And the best part she made the entire thing herself looking at the instructions given. Xplorabox has ensured that all the material like wooden cut-outs, base and even something as basic as rubber bands are sent in the kit, to avoid the effort of procuring it yourself. As far as worksheets goes, she is slowly and steadily warming up to those also 😊

Cost of subscription and how to subscribe

You can buy 3/6/12 months subscription for your child. At present Xplorabox is offering great deals; for a 3-month subscription; I paid just Rs. 2097 instead of the actual cost 3597.

Ships to: Free shipping all over India.

You can go to their website to know more https://www.xplorabox.com/

My take:

I am sure its quite clear from the pictures and my description how much my daughter enjoyed doing these activities. And I liked it since the box proved to be a great help in teaching her certain concept of mathematics and science in a veiled manner. Also, since the activities are re-playable, I feel at this price, this activity box is a steal. It certainly gets a thumbs up from me.

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12 thoughts on “Xplorabox: An activity box I recommend for your eight year old.”

  1. Manasi at 2:27 pm

    What an interesting article. Subscription boxes keep these little ones hooked up and it’s so good to see them involved. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

  2. Priyanka at 6:10 pm

    Recently I got the xplorebox and my daughter angel really love it too much… Such a great thought to make kids busy..

  3. Purva at 4:34 am

    My niece is going to love this! I was looking for something educative yet playful for her when I stumbled upon this blog. Going to buy this for her!

  4. Jayshree at 7:47 am

    I Gifted this one to my Lil one and since then its been a regular subscription.. She is in love with it.. Awesome creative box

  5. Ishieta at 11:25 am

    this is a good find! Good value for money and great to find one box which is fun and teaches all these different subjects. otherwise, each topic needs a different toy which becomes a very expensive and tedious thing!

  6. Bushra at 5:47 pm

    Sounds like a fun learning activity for kids. Little ones will definitely enjoy this subscription box

  7. Karuna Sud at 6:08 pm

    I love subscription boxes because they come jam packed with thoughtful ad amazing activities that help busy parents to enjoy quality time. loved the review

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