Create short videos on HiPi App: Explore the world of Fun and Fame.


Off late we have seen many alternatives to the App- Tik Tok cropping up with an aim to serve creators and consumers. But one App, which I have come across recently and truly feels that it offers variety to create content and has a friendly and straightforward interface is ZEE5 HiPi.

ZEE5 is a known name when it comes to offer original shows, web series, kids content and much more. With its latest offering HiPi on its App, ZEE5 has upped its game in the area of providing nonstop entertainment for its viewers and providing a safe platform for the influencers to create content.

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Newly launched App: HiPi

This new short video platform allows the creators to make video for up to 90 seconds with an array of music, filters and visual effects to give it a more polished and dazzling look. One can also manage the video better with timer and speed option.

Of these, an option which I really like to experiment with is its Filters.

HiPi offers various filters like: Action, Party, Retro, Primary, Love n Beauty. All the filters help in enhancing the aesthetics of your video without distorting them of their originality.

Once you finish applying edits, use these filters to take your videos to next level of creativity.

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Let me take you through the various options in Party filter as it #HappensOnHiPi, one of my favorites.

Explosion: Here you can add fire explosion as filter to bring special effects to your video. In his one of the video popular RJ Pritam Singh has used this filter and it looks amazing.

And below ( Pic) I am using it:)


Red: This filter outlines the solid entities like your eyes, lips, hair, hands with color red; also, any background object in the frame will also be outlined in red. So, if you are up for little image corruption, go for it.

Frame:  This filter gives scrolling up and down like effect to your video.

Rainbow: Here the seven coloured hue is displayed on your video.

Three Grid: In this your video gets divided into three frames, so imagine how cool it looks when you see not one but three of you performing.

Sprint: To achieve an eye-popping effect use this filter; add “rays” emerging outwards giving the video a halo like visual.

Mirror: One of my favorites, the filter gives mirror like effect to the footage making it livelier.

Party: A coloured hue comes overall, making the video more attractive.


Flash: It creates an ambience of a discotheque. this ONE definitely makes the video more sparkly and glamorous.

Dhak Dhak: impress your viewers with heartbeat like effect using this filter. To give you an idea, this is something like a fast forward zoom in and zoom out.


HiPi allows the users to share its content amongst their circle through WhatsApp, You Tube, or email.

Besides making your own videos, you can also follow and appreciate the content created by other influencers/ creators who use a range of themed filters and effects.

While you are at it, don’t forget to check some cool challenges on HiPi, namely Dialogue challenge, Fit it challenge, Golden Hour Pose and many more.

ZEE5 HiPi App is free and easy to use by everyone, no matter whether you are a celebrity or a commoner. Just update the current ZEE5 App to access HiPi on your phone.

It allows creators of age 18 and above on its platform; a platform which is Made in India and Made for India.

So no matter whether you are the one who consumes the content or creates it, you can have loads of fun while exploring the App.


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    That’s a cool app with awesome features. Will surely check it out for my next video. Thanks

  3. Bushra allaboutthewoman at 9:52 am

    Indeed Hipi is good platform for content creator #MyFriendAlexa

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