Zee5 relaunches Zindagi Channel and check out the latest offering:

With the philosophy that “art knows no nation, boundary or religion”, Zee5 relaunched Zindagi channel from July this year on ZEE5 app with a premium membership. Among the 5 original shows that the brand has come up with , CHURAILS really caught my fancy not only because of its name but content too.

A powerful original : A thriller show Churails

Though people and society talk about women empowerment, but are they really? Gender inequality is still deep rooted in every society; men still criticize women, doubt them and even try to change them. And when women can’t take this disgrace any longer, they break the glass ceiling and decides to take matter in their own hands. She needs to believe she is a “Churail” to set things right #mainchurailhoon.  This forms the premise of the show CHURAILS.


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The plot:

Four women based out of Karachi, Pakistan turns secret detectives in burqa whose mission is to expose the city’s unfaithful husbands. These four women,

chanced to meet each other and decides to form a private detective agency in order to take the husbands to a task who cheat on their women.


The idea of the show can be said in one line which the heroines say “ Mard ko dard hoga’, And that’s what they deliver. Once the four women forms the agency, many like-minded women join them as Churails #mainchurailhoon with a motive to bring change in the society by teaching wayward men a lesson.

Spread over 10 episodes, the storyline sees many ups and downs , twists and turns unravelling secrets and scams in the process.


Sarwat Gillani as Sara: An established lawyer, she gives up her career to look after her family. But when she finds out her husband is cheating on her, she decides to set the foot down . In order to teach her husband a lesson and to find meaning in life ,she starts a detective agency.

Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu: She works as an event/wedding planner, has problem of alcohol addiction,  and is labelled as a “ trophy wife” by the “high society” Jugnu joins the detective agency and handles its finance and operations .

Nirma Bucha as Batool: She is an ex-convict who went to jail for killing her husband. Once out of the jail she starts looking for a purpose in life and joins the detective agency.

Mehar Banoo as Zubeida: She comes from a poor household and wants to become a boxer. She runs from her family to fulfil her dreams, joins the detective agency in order to support underprovided women.

Besides these four women who form the star cast there’s Meher Jaffri as Laila who is a computer geek and helps hacks into the system to find details about the targets of the agency.


The story holds your attention from the episode one, both because of the performances , impressive dialogues and the storyline. Director Asim Abbasi successfully showcase the story of empowerment, women camaraderie, and self-discovery.






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  1. Snigdha at 5:11 am

    Churail has the strong and best storyline ever. I like the series so much. The actresses has given their best performance ever.

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