CropIn technology: A company aiming to digitize farming.

An Agri-tech company, CropIn, is making waves for all the right reasons these days. The company decided to take the aura of their workplace a notch higher by illustrating their vision on the walls in the form of 3-d art. The makeover project which took couple of  months to finish has resulted in providing an energized office atmosphere to its employees. It’s a well-known fact that one of the simplest ways to increase the motivation in the workplace is to make a slight shift in the scenery and I must say, CropIn has just nailed it.

Company’s background:

CropIn Technologies, through the data collected via their farm management software, Artificial Intelligence driven applications and mobile apps etc., helps the farm businesses and farmers make an informed decision on their daily farm operations: right from sowing the seeds, processing, production and marketing. The company also provides various solutions to their Agri businesses through various field studies, analysis and data interpretation. The company also connects different players working in the agriculture either directly or indirectly; like banks, government bodies, insurance etc. with the sole aim of uplifting agriculture.

The walls in their workplace:

A chanced visit to CropIn revealed not only their working, but the work culture too. As much as their work is commendable, equally commendable is their effort to create a magical workplace for its employees. Each wall of CropIn tells the story about their venture.


 Capturing the essence of the company, The wall in the picture graces the entrance of Crop In’s visitor seating area. Made out of wood and then hand-painted, the art takes the onlooker on a visual tour of a farm produce; right from a seed, its growth, production, processing, packaging, and finally to your table. Rightly described as The Root Trace, this wall forms the pivot around which the entire idea behind the company’s working revolves.

The magical wall here tells the story of the meticulous journey of a coffee bean from seed to cup. Metaphorically, it tells the idea behind CropIn, as to how it streamlines the production process for its customers with an idea to make a positive impact for the consumers.

As much as the sales metrics and burgeoning user base are clear indicators of a company’s success, so are the numbers indicating the services delivered and its positive impact on its customers. Bright, inspirational, and filled with positive energy, a cursory glance at the wall before the start of a busy day provides ample motivation to make employees innovate and push boundaries as they disrupt the Agri-tech space, one day at a time.

This tastefully done wall in red at the office cafeteria exudes warmth providing much needed relief to the employees after the day’s work. The wall also showcase its achievements which keep its employees motivated all the time.

With these creative and effective tweaks in their workplace environment, CropIn has taken the motivation to a next level.



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4 thoughts on “CropIn technology: A company aiming to digitize farming.”

  1. Neha Sharma at 7:50 am

    Oh my, what beautiful wall designs and that too at the workplace, really thoughtful of CropIn technology. They are doing a great job by digitizing farming.

  2. Pragnya Mishra at 6:06 pm

    Work space do look amazing. Using AI for agriculture sector is much needed but it’s extremely broad. Hoping to see their work in the sector soon

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