Quick and Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas during Covid19


The festival of lights, Diwali is around the corner. Covid19 pandemic this year is playing a spoilsport and we might have to keep a subdued celebration with our friends and family. But this should not dampen our festive spirits. We can keep the spirit alive by celebrating the festival with our loved ones while staying safe in our homes.

This time lets amp up the festive fervour by decorations. Be it diyas, flowers, candles or rangoli, these decorations instantly enliven the spirits. And the best part, you don’t have to spend a lot on the festive decorations.

Diyas:  Nothing beats the decorative prowess of humble earthen (mitti )diyas. To bring in the festivity, bathe your house with yellow light of the diyas, and to give a more personal touch, invest in some poster/acrylic paints, mirror, glitter, and unleash your creativity by decorating the diyas with these knick-knacks.  

Lanterns: this time around let’s try making our own lanterns rather than buying from store. Take any old glass bottle or small glass tumbler. Either paint the glass body (preferably with golden color) with glass paint, or wrap a coloured paper around it neatly, or spray paint it. Now place the lighted candle, tea light or diyas inside to add glitz to your home décor. Either place these lanterns at strategic places in your house or simply hang them.

Flowers: the fragrance and the beauty of flowers instantly takes the decoration of the house a notch higher. decorate the entrance of your home with strings of flowers, make them a part of your Rangoli, place them alternatively with diyas, wrap them around pillar or railings, decorate mandir with flower garlands or team them with fairy lights; there are endless possibilities to decorate with flowers.

My personal favourite Diwali décor is the big earthen Urli which I keep at my house entrance. I fill it with water and put lots of flowers and floating candles in it. This is one of the cost-effective ways to light up my home instantly.

Rangoli: To stroke your creative side, decorate your house with colourful Rangoli. If you are new to it, buy a ready-made stencil which you can use to make Rangoli or check some easy design online and make it. Along with colors you can also add diyas and flowers to enhance the look of your Rangoli.

Plants: Use some green flora inside your home to spruce up the décor. Indoor potted plants like creepers, bonsai, ferns, palms and succulents have striking appearance and when you wrap fairy lights around these pots and plants, they act as lovely accent piece.

If you have any diwali decoration idea, do share in the comments section.

Finally,……I Hope this Diwali sets the tone for a healthy, happier New Year.


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