East Lifestyle brings style options for your home, both offline and online. (Don’t miss reading home decor tips from the experts)

The décor of a home sets the mood of the place, making the owner a happy person to inhabit it. And as much as a good décor is important to bring happiness to your heart, it should also render a magnetic charm to the eyes of an onlooker, be it your guests, friends or family. Regardless of the type of place you are decorating, if done right, the various elements of decor like the furniture, the lighting, the colour combination and the accessories can immediately take the aesthetics of a place a notch higher.

Of late I was on a quest to find a unique contemporary piece of furniture for a nook of my living room. It so happened that during this time I got an invite to attend an event at East Lifestyle, a furniture boutique in Koramangala, Bangalore. One casual glance and you know that you are gonna be spoilt for choice once you start exploring for the options in this store .The boutique is known for its colonial and mid-century designed fine furniture items like wooden almirahs, center tables,  beds, dining tables, diwans, sofa sets and dining tables,  to name a few. Their repertoire also includes accessories like cushion covers, table lamps, vases, candles, paintings etc. All in all, it’s a one stop shop to meet all your home designs meet.

Let me take you on a visual journey of East Lifestyle. ( both offline and online)



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#bangalore #mediaevent @eastlifestyle Had an opportunity to attend the media event on the occasion of the launch of the e-commerce website of East Lifestyle, a luxury furniture and home decor brand. . . The brand is famous for its bespoke furniture and antique restorations work. The eye-catching designs and styles of each piece , along with chic upholstery can add glamour to any space for sure. . . For more designs options head onto their website eastlifestyle.in . . #eastlifestyle #design #interiordesign #interiors #chic #furniture #koramangala #bangalorediaries #ecommerce #bed #table #bespokefurniture #antiquefurniture #craftsmanship #bloggersmeet #event #aesthetic #igers #bangalorebloggers #indianblogger #conprolike #lifestyleblogger #solidwoodfurniture #colonialfurniture #interiordesigning #ecommercebusiness #bytetrails

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Though one will definitely find his/her liking here, but if required, clients can come up with their own requirements too and East Lifestyle, under the able leadership of Mr Bhasin , will fulfill those as per the client’s taste and satisfaction.

This bespoke furniture brand has now added another feather to its cap by foraying into the e-commerce world when it launched its website this month.

New features in the website will help meet the increasing demands for the customers outside Bangalore also. The website is quite user friendly and easy to navigate. Here are some notable features of the website.

Customization – Right from the freedom to choose the base material, like the type of wood you want for your sofa / bed/ dining table, to the design and the fabric you need; you can customize it all according to your liking.  

 Latest products –  At present, the website has over 300+ products , which they will keep updating. The products include handcrafted furniture and accessories.

 Home decor range – The website has an attractive collection of home decor products ranging from cushion covers, lamps, table ware such as cake stands and coaster and much more.

 Easier Collaborations – East Lifestyle always encourage new artists and designers to showcase and sell their products, both from the store and the website. For further details one can visit “collaborate with us” page on the website.

 Order fabric samples – This one is an amazing feature, wherein you can order a sample of fabric before you place final order just to see if the quality of fabric used matches your taste. Also, you can send in your own fabric if you don’t like their selected range of fabrics.

Currently East Lifestyle will be delivering free of cost only in major cities such as Karnataka,  Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune , Delhi – NCR .

Before I left the event I made it a point to talk to Mr. Kabir Bhasin, Owner of East Lifestyle and Aprajita Bhargava,Business head, Home decor and Interior solutions, and asked them to share some tips for choosing right furniture and accessories.

Tips on Furniture – By Mr. Kabir

When it comes to choosing the right furniture, there are three most important things to keep in mind :

A) Spacing – Depending on the area / space of your home/ room / office / restaurant the furniture needs to resonate well with it.  It is not about having everything in a room, it’s about having little and few but making sure they all blend in well together.  And not just the number of pieces, but also the design of furniture matters.  Small spaces should go light on colonial inspired designs as they have a heavy appeal on the eyes.  For small spaces contemporary design is the key. When working with large spaces you can go experimental . 

B) Design theme –  Depending on personal choices and again space available, when you go looking out for furniture make sure you are thinking and looking around a certain design theme , otherwise it’s very easy to lose sense of direction in which you would want your home to look like. Whether it is Victorian design, mid century design , modern design or art deco – have a clear idea on what kind of furniture you would want to see everyday in your home./ Furniture is an investment, make it wisely.

C) Budget – Ranging from 5000 for a bed to 5 lacs for a bed, market has a lot to offer for every pocket.  Before you start looking out for furniture for a new home, set aside a budget. This will give you a clear sense of how much you can spend on how many items.  These days zero interest loans on furniture are also available. East Lifestyle offers that.  

Tips on  Fabric and Accessories – By Aprajita

A fabric based furniture piece such as a chair / sofa / bed constitutes of 50% design and making , and 50% is the fabric chosen for the same.  When it comes to selecting a  fabric for your piece, keep these things in mind : 

A) Color – Foremost thing about a fabric is it’s color . If you have kids at home , stay away from shades of white and beige. Opt for darker tones such as shades of blue, green , browns and blacks.  Similarly the color of the fabric can make your room look bigger or smaller. Neutral tones of beige, yellow , lights grey’s can make  your room look bigger,while colors like dark browns, blacks, red can make it look smaller.  

For any room we suggest our customers to have at least one eye-candy piece. For example have neutral tones on your sofa set, but place on pouf / occasional chair at the corner of the room with pop colors like fuchsia, yellow and red. They work as an instant style statement for any room .                      

B)  Fabric type – Fabric is available in lots of varieties these days, from chenille to cotton ,  linen to velvet , leather to silk and many more. Depending on budget and the look one needs, select the type of fabric. Although chenille and linen are  easiest to maintain and clean. 

C) Color theme of the room- Depending on the color of your floor, walls, painting and other furniture, choose your fabric wisely. If you have neutral color floor and walls, you can play around with color of the fabric on your furniture.  But if you have wooden / different colored tile flooring and have some bold color on your walls, fabric selection has to be done accordingly ( mainly tones of beige and grey work there ) . All the elements in the room needs to be in harmony with each other, this is the key to beautifully styled homes, where every little piece in the room is thought after and carefully placed.  

  Accessories :

Accessories are not paid much attention , they are mainly the last items to be placed when doing a home./ But on the contrary, home accessories completes any room . Accessories include tableware, rugs and mats , curtains , vases ,lighting and everything else . 

There are certain key rules we follow while accessorizing any space :

A)Make sure every room in the house has one style statement piece; be it a big-sized painting / eye catching ceiling lamp / designer rug / artistic cutlery. This will give an instant boost to the style quotient of any home. 

B) Lighting and mirror – For small spaces to look bigger, add mirrors and lights. Add beautiful hand painted lamps to darker corners of your home and double their effects by placing mirrors. Let natural light embrace the warmth of your  home. Use sheer curtains and  dual curtain method. Alternate solid curtains with sheers, so that you can pull in the solids in the evening without affecting the privacy of your home.

C) Rugs – Rugs form a very essential part of any household. For bedrooms, place rugs on sides of the bed, usually the size which is length of the bed and width no bigger than 2 feet.   For Bathrooms use  the three rug rule. One for the shower area, one for the wash basin unit and one for commode unit ( Specially deigned commode rugs are now easily available in the market ).

D) Cushions –  From small cushion covers for the sofa to mega size throw cushion covers for the floors, cushions not only add warmth and comfort to the room but also works as a great styling product.  For warmer and playful themes, pinks and oranges are a must for the room . Use shimmery colors such as gold and silver alternatively with solids to add that extra oomph to the room .

Mistakes to avoid while decorating your home.

1 .  Don’t copy somebody else’s style – Know what you want, see how much you can accommodate , how much you can spend and how much you can take care of.  Create your own space, your own style , take references but don’t forget it is your home and it should reflect your personality and not others.

2. Don’t over populate – Quality is the key and not the quantity.  Use 40-60 rule; i.e, leave 40% of the floor area empty and accommodate sofa, table, accessories and everything else only in 60% of floor space. Anything more than that, your home may look like a yard sale.

3.  Adding too many colors – While working on your home, keep a design theme and a color theme in mind.  Don’t play with too many different colors in same room. Make one color stand out by complimenting it with other neutral colors. .

4. Odor – With functional kitchens and too many people in the house, we often ignore the ever staying odor in our homes. Make sure your house smells nice everyday !!!! Use natural flowers , incense sticks , essential oils or even air sprays. As pleasing a house should be to eyes, it should be to our noses too. 

5. Having too many printed fabrics – Most common mistake Indian homes do is have everything in print. From curtains to bed linens to even sofa ! It is a mistake we need to avoid. One print one room is the key. If you have heavy printed bed linens,opt  lighter solid tones for curtains and rugs .  Too many patterns in one room makes it heavy and smaller. 

Oh almost forgot to mention; I did pick up something for my living room; this lovely chair:

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