How Entrepreneur Mom (Mompreneur) influences her kids? #myfriendalexa

They say a mother is the first teacher and guide of her kids and as adults too they are a reflection of the different shades of their first teacher. Going by the saying, it won’t be wrong if I call a mother as an in-house role model who teaches her kids different aspects of existence; and if the same mother leads an entrepreneurial lifestyle, it is an added bonus as she can share practical lessons of life and skills with her offspring.

The Business Dictionary describes the Entrepreneur Mom, also called Mompreneur as a multi-tasking mother who can balance both the stresses of running a home-based business as an entrepreneur, and the time-consuming duties of motherhood at the same time. There are a plethora of activities to choose from if one wishes to become a mompreneur- you can sell products online, be an interior designer, can start a photography business, take personal tuitions, carry a culinary business or be someone’s personal trainer.

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And once you are running your own business, it’s not only rewarding for yourself but for your kids too. Blending both motherhood and career exposes your kid to experiential learning, wherein, he/ she gains the life’s know-how through observation, experience and by actively participating in the mothers’ entrepreneurial activities.

Read up in detail on the benefits kids gain if they see their mothers on everyday basis and that too in a close proximity, using her skills and talents to meet her goals.

  • Being an entrepreneur means a person manages his/her business independently. The kids of an entrepreneur mother pick up on the confidence their mother shows in her day to day life. Such kids also show the ability to interact confidently with different people.
  • The kids of a mompreneur become independent at an early age as they don’t find their mother at their beck and call all the time. The sense of being independent and responsible goes long way If small routine things like packing bags for school, preparing uniforms, doing school projects, making their bed etc. are done by kids themselves right from the beginning.
  • For a mompreneur her start-up is like her baby whom she nurtures with lots of hard work. She remains committed and disciplined in all her dealings to make her venture a success. Seeing her commitment, the sense of perseverance comes easily to her kids also, they understands that nothing comes easy in life and one has to constantly work towards achieving the goals without losing the focus.
  • “If you don’t find it, create it” is one of the main reasons why a woman becomes an entrepreneur. Former First Lady of the United States – Michelle Obama has once said,”… being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modeling for my girls how to pursue their dreams.”

 The driving force to do something fruitful in life by passionately following the dreams make a mompreneur thinks and act ingeniously. Such mothers instill innovative spirit in her kids and they too get inspired to follow their ambition. 

  • Another trait which a kid inherits from his mompreneur is to make and use money judiciously. I remember one of my friend’s sons had once put a games stall at a local community function and made a cool 500 bucks which he used to buy odds and ends for himself instead of asking money from his mother. My friend feels proud that she is passing her entrepreneurial spirit to his son and loves the way he thinks and behaves so maturely at such young age.
  • Every child respects her mother but when he sees how his mother is juggling smartly between home and work, the respect grows manifold. Additionally, older kids learns a lot by getting a first-hand experience in the entrepreneurship from their working mothers and once they know the nitty-gritties of running a business , they become independent in their thought and gets the courage to carve their own niche .
  • A sense of faith, belief and satisfaction in oneself comes naturally to kids of mompreneurs. To quote Julie Aigner-Clark, inventor of Baby Einstein products, “I think my kids had the benefit of having parents that worked at home so they’ve been able to see us work hard and build something that we believed in.” she further added “…whether your business is small or big… , I mean as long as you have this wonderful fulfilled life and you like what you’re doing and you’re happy in your work, this is a great thing for your kids to see.” True that, the mothers when work, become an inspiration for their kids

The idea behind writing this article is not to undermine the capability of stay-at home moms to mentor her kids. All I am saying is if a mother has some talent then converting it into a business venture, no matter how big or small it is, will not only benefit her but also be an added bonus for her child’s development. I know coming out of a comfort zone might take time but once a mother  makes  her mind to do something of her own, the new skills and experience she acquires can be passed on to her kids too. 


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6 thoughts on “How Entrepreneur Mom (Mompreneur) influences her kids? #myfriendalexa”

  1. Sonia Chatterjee at 8:33 am

    I love everything about this article except the usage of the word Mompreneur. Do we call a Dad who’s an entrepreneur as Dadprenuer? I am a mom to a three year old and I call myself a solopreneur – a mix of a writer, author and blogger. My status of a mom or wife has got ki thing to do with my solopreneurial journey. Besides this, I think every point that you have mentioned is quite valid.

  2. writenlive at 1:53 pm

    I like the article and complete agree with the fact that mothers leave a lasting impression on their children in all manners of conduct and attitude.

    However, I find the description of an Entrepreneur Mom given in the Business Dictionary as unfair. Why should a woman be expected to multi task and handle the stresses of work life along with the never ending duties of motherhood? The words, ‘stresses’ and ‘never ending’ acknowledge the problem but glorify the back breaking work a woman has to face.

  3. Iram at 8:06 am

    Nice article and much needed motivation as society is always seen using word ‘ignorant’ and ‘centered’ women who decide to utilize her talents 🙂

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