Not mother but father is responsible!!


It’s quite sad that in a progressive society like ours , many still hold the regressive view that a mother is “at fault” for the birth of a female child. Since females carry a child for nine months , people believe that it’s a mother whose genes play a decisive role in determining the sex of the child. It is quite a sad situation, where not only the illiterate, but many among the educated ones too don’t know that it is not a mother, but a father who is responsible for the birth of a female child.

The science says:

The human body is made up of 46 chromosomes. (Chromosome is a strand of DNA encoded with genetic information) One pair determines the gender, and the other 22 pairs determine everything else about us, like the eye/hair- colour, height etc. What distinguish men and women are single chromosomes among these 46 that are found in every cell of the body, while men have one X and one Y chromosome, women have two X chromosomes.

So it all boils down to one simple aspect:

If the sperm carrying an X chromosome fertilises the egg, the resulting embryo will have two X chromosomes (XX) which means a girl will be conceived. If the sperm carrying a Y chromosome fertilises the egg, the embryo has XY chromosomes, so a boy will be conceived. Since men’s sperm carry both male and female chromosomes (Y & X) in 50:50 proportion, and women’s eggs carry only one female chromosome (only X, because her sex chromosomes are XX), the man’s sperm plays a decisive role in determining the sex of the foetus.

What I fail to understand is why this kind of information is not propagated in any social or print media and on radio or television. Even a typical television show on female infanticide dishes out half-baked information. True, they tell that daughters are equally precious and inform that it’s a heinous crime to kill them even before they are born but should not the producers of these shows also educate people on the aspect that a man’s chances of fathering a boy or a girl are written in his genes and not in his wifes’.  Even the government initiated campaigns of “beti bachao (save girl)” lacks in propagating the right kind of education to people.

If masses, and not a few only, know the scientific truth that not women, but men are “the source” of a  female child, it can help womankind in the following ways:

  1. This will make the marriage a success since a scientific reality always mitigates the old-age myths , wrong practices and irrational prejudices .
  2. The husband and his family would stop torturing the woman, both mentally and physically. They might become more respectful towards her if they know that the woman is not at fault for giving birth to the female child.
  3. Most importantly, the  family would readily welcome the new born girl into their fold ,bearing in mind that she is a by-product  of their own son.
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2 thoughts on “Not mother but father is responsible!!”

  1. Maheshwaran Jothi at 11:44 am

    Even though we are fast moving from such old belief and thinking, we are not yet 100% there. I believe that the most important awareness should be – Safe & pleasant Child birth. Girl or Boy. Its YOUR child, and that is what should be in everyone’s mind.

    1. bytetrails at 12:20 pm

      I conform with your viewpoint; awareness and educating the masses to help rectify the “wrong” thinking regarding the sex of the newborn is the need of the hour.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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