Frizzy Hair and dull skin-this is what you need to do

Converse with anyone and the problem of frizzy hair and dull skin is a topmost concern. Even the younger generation who shouldn’t be worrying about it has no solution to fix it. Lifestyle stress, unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep and hardwater is making it more difficult. So, it’s not only about working on one aspect but overall improvement one need to work out and how they’re living their life. Most of the people have various types of deficiency making their skin and hair dull. Other than diet plans it can also be can be compensated by Sunlight or Vitamin C shower filter.

Hard water shower is also a major cause of damaged skin and hair. Chemicals in water affect hair and skin or sometimes people can even develop eczema.

There are ways you can improve your dull skin and frizzy hair

Be natural: There were times when using the organic product was the only option, but this has become a luxury now. Most of the skincare products we use are laden with heavy chemicals and ultimately damaging our skin and hair. Still, we do have the option to go organic. Try to use fewer chemicals as they are not so harsh on skin and hair.

Eat right: Everyone knows- What you eat reflects on your skin and hair. So, how much time you invest to take care of your hair and skin, you just can’t binge on unhealthy eating. Try to include a balanced diet and limiting aerated drinks to a minimum. Homemade food is the best option, and nothing can beat it when it comes to health. Of course, you cannot completely cut on junk but can always limit it.

Sleep: Sleep deprived body is more loaded with toxins as your body is not getting regenerated through the normal sleep cycle. 7-8 hours of sleep is minimum, and you can’t make it less anyway. Otherwise, with the time your body might suffer a breakdown. Hair and skin texture are also related to sleep. Any imbalance in sleep would affect both.

Check on water quality: the composition of water keeps changing. Depending upon the location and how many steps of filtration it goes before usage makes a lot of difference. Hard water can be detrimental to skin and hair and the reason why beauty and wellness product company   have launched a breakthrough in it. Shower filters help reducing chemicals present in the water helping you to have better hair and skin.

I hope the above given tips are of help.

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