Get a Portrait Painting this Festive Season

Well that time of the year is finally here when everybody is in a happy and jolly mood.
There are wide smiles on every face and chaotic rush to ensure that there is no stone left unturned to prepare for the season of festivals.
It is important that you show your love and appreciation for your loved ones during this season.
Getting them a gift which is a creative mixture of artistic qualities and some cherished memories is the perfect option for you.
A portrait painting is thus the ideal gift.


An authentic and well made portrait painting has some great visual appeal and therefore is a great way to grab eyeballs.
It can be the perfect showpiece for any home as it will help to increase the atmosphere and aesthetic beauty of any place.
Go through all the photos in your camera roll and turn photo to painting of the most beloved memories that you have with your near and dear ones.
Opt for something with which the receiver can connect on a more personal level.
A portrait painting is sure to put a really big smile on his/her face as they will be transported back in time to those golden moments which they yearn to relive time after time.


With so many options choosing the perfect store can be a great a problem at times that is why I recommend that you go with PortraitFlip which is an e commerce site that sells customised paintings.
They offer you a wide variety of mediums to choose from like a charcoal portrait, oil portrait, watercolour portrait, acrylic portrait, pencil sketch portrait and colour pencil sketch portrait.

How it works?
Visit the PortraitFlip site and click on the get started button.
Choose the size and medium in which you want your portrait painting and fill all the details like the number of people and whether you want it framed or rolled.
Once all of the above is done the price will be displayed to you.
You can also give your own suggestions to the artist in a message box that is given below.
After the entire process is completed, you have a choice between paying the full amount or a 30% deposit and the rest once your painting is finished.
You are constantly kept in the loop and can make unlimited number of provisions to your painting without any extra cost.


PortraitFlip also offers you the choice of getting a custom size portrait painting done i.e you can choose whatever size and breadth you want.
It need not be your conventional small, medium or large size portraits.
They provide you with all of the above and that too at some really cool and economical prices.
What else do you want?
In the pace and chaos of everyday life it can be difficult to catch up with all your loved ones at regular intervals of time, the festive season can thus be the perfect time to do that.


Get on track with what’s going on in everyone’s life, make merry and laugh at those small petty things which once scared the death out of us.
The main motive of any festival is to strengthen the bond that you share with people around you and getting a portrait painting done is a great way to do that.
Spend some quality time with the people you love as well as yourself.
It is a great way to bring out the best within any person and spread positive vibes in your surrounding environment.
Turn pictures to paint and watch as they transform into a meaningful memoir of sorts.

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4 thoughts on “Get a Portrait Painting this Festive Season”

  1. Ruchi Verma at 12:57 am

    This looks so amazing and good …I have to get some for gifting will check this surely

  2. Sharvari at 1:50 am

    Such a unique and personalised gifting idea. I will check this out as it’s perfect for Christmas new year gift options

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