Goblin India aims big with its innovative designed luggage .


Started in the year 2002, Goblin India is a luggage company, based out of the city of Ahmedabad. Growing over the years, the company has received a great response from the Indian market & thus plans to increase their dealers from 300 to 1000 . The strategy  will help them reach their goals of an  annual turnover of 120 Cr. INR by the FY 2021-22. Besides, the company is also planning to file BSE in upcoming months to go public.

Goblin India provides a range of Luggage & other products in the market, with their luggage designed in Paris, giving not just great quality but amazing designs to the customers. Besides the typical Hard & Soft Luggage, the company has also been providing number of other accessories including variety of corporate gifting articles, white goods, crockery, novelty goods & much more. All of these things can be easily ordered from their website.

Though you would find a number of big brands providing luggage products, but what sets Goblin India apart from them is the fact that they thrive to provide supreme quality products at the most affordable prices. This dynamic company is led by a dynamic man Mr. Manoj Chaukhany, who is the Chairman & MD of the company since the year 2002. According to him their products are made of the finest quality of material; designed in Paris, France to make sure they are up to date with trends.

He has skilfully managed the company over the years to create products best in each aspect, from design, to quality & pricing too. His vision for the company is to create a luggage brand, that is trustworthy & popular and can cater to everyone around the world, with its innovative designs.

Innovation is quite visible in their products, take for example their anti-theft trolley bag which sets off an alarm if taken more than 10 metres away from the owner of the bag. The alarm can be activated & deactivated with the help of an app anytime. Moreover, the bag also has a charging point. Besides this, they also have a cabin & hand luggage bag with a USB port. These unique products are made using their state-of-the-art technology & innovation and  the brand determination to give their consumers advanced unique products.

With the rising need for short haul travel materials & struggle-free luggage, the Indian Luggage Industry, which  traditionally was engaged in production of both hard & soft luggage , is producing more innovative categories in lighter luggage. This is quite evident from the fact that 75% of India’s Luggage industry share are accounted to Soft Luggage Segment.

Goblin India has maintained its position in the Indian Luggage Market, with a wide distribution network across the nation. Besides the AVA stores at Airports, that sell Goblin Luggage throughout India, they have a collaborative network of around 84 vendors across the nation. Also, going digital their products can also be found at some big e-commerce platforms including Flipkart & Amazon, besides selling on their own website. I coming years the company plans of opening their own retail outlets in numerous cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.


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  1. Snehalata Jain at 6:21 am

    Bags looks good.And with technology and innovative designs combined, its a perfect option for any traveler. Will surely checkout their collection.

  2. Neha Sharma at 5:51 pm

    These look quite sturdy & stylish, I love the color choices too. Will check out more options online, thanks for sharing!

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