Give an Ethnic touch to your home: Buy Handicrafts from ExclusiveLane.


For the past few years, we are witnessing the growing admiration of Indian handicrafts both at the national and global level. People love to own a piece of handicraft for their house as it renders an ethnic look to a place; making it unique and attractive. Thanks to technology, which has made e-commerce websites popular, and the initiatives by the government and individuals, who have helped the artisans showcase their finished products on these websites, the traditional art and artisans are getting well-deserved recognition for their skills.

Though the Indian handicrafts are available on various popular e-commerce websites, I personally like to browse the websites which are specifically designed to sell finished handicrafts works. The fact that I will find authentic and a range of region-specific products there, make such websites worth checking out.

One such website I would like to mention is ExclusiveLane. On this website, you can find products ranging from home décor items, paintings, showpieces, craft pieces, and other utility items. These are hand-made by some talented artisans, who meticulously convert the items like metals, mud, wood etc. into beautiful artwork. The website recognizes the work of these artisans and has also dedicated a page to tell the stories behind their work.

The Website:

The aesthetically designed website which predominantly sells the 3 art forms: WARLI, MADHUBANI AND DHOKRA, is streamlined nicely, which makes the navigation easy.

The navigation bar/ Menu tab is divided into the following categories- SHOP, ART FORMS, LUXURY, ARTISANS, BULK ORDER, and DEALS. The drop-down menu of the “Shop” is divided into 6 main options- Dining, Décor, Garden, Lighting, jewelry, and Collections. These options are further diversified into sub-categories; for example, Décor gives you the option of Wall-décor, Showpieces/ Idols, Desk Accessories, Vases, Bath, and more.

Want A particular art form? No issues, you can directly check the category – “Art Forms” under which the website has stocked huge collectibles of 3 art forms- WARLI, MADHUBANI and DHOKRA.


A brief background of 3 Artform:

Warli: Home décor and other decorative items made of Warli painting are highly trending these days. The painting is basically intricate geometric patterns depicting a hunting scene, wedding ritual, flowers, nature, etc.

Madhubani: This painting is influenced by religious motifs, ancient epics, nature – flowers, birds, animal, and even geometric designs.

Dhokra: In this art form a non-ferrous metal is casted using the lost-wax casting technique. The metal figurines are mostly made from bronze or copper-based alloy. Dhokra artisans usually create items like animals, Hindu deities, artifacts, and even jewelry.

Under the category “Luxury” one can find hand-carved items like Jewelry box in teak wood, serving tray in Sheesham wood, tea-light holder in ceramic, spice- box, napkin holders, tea box and other pottery items.

All the products sold by Exclusive Lane come with a 1-year replacement warranty in case there’s any manufacturing defect. Rest assured, the products are of high quality since every product goes through a 3-step quality check before it is shipped.

My Shopping experience:

While deciding for a wall hanging for my home, I was looking for something which has a combination of the two art forms. So, I zeroed in on “Dhokra work and Warli hand-painted wall décor in Sheesham set.”

The product description was given in detail on the page; describing Material (Border: Mango wood, Base: MDF, Dhokra figurines: brass), Dimensions, Art Type and Category. Along with other pictures of the product, there’s also the picture of the wall hanging with the standard 1-litre bottle, which makes it easier to gauge the size of the product.

There was free prepaid shipping on the product, though Cash on Delivery option is also there on the products. My product was shipped to me in 48 hours and it came with sturdy packaging.


Here’s the picture of the wall hanging; which is lending a beautiful rustic look to a corner of my home.



If you are looking for an online website to get beautiful handicrafts for your home, then ExclusiveLane is the e-commerce site that you should definitely check out. The prices are affordable and there’s a “Deals” section where you can check the items at a good bargain.

Above all, ordering products from the website is one of the easiest and the loveliest way to promote Indian artisans and their work!!


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3 thoughts on “Give an Ethnic touch to your home: Buy Handicrafts from ExclusiveLane.”

  1. Paresh Godhwani at 3:45 am

    Good to see that handicrafts are finally getting online exposure. It is an integral part of our country and exclusive lane has done a great job by listing them.

  2. hema gayatri at 10:21 am

    This seems to be a one stop destination for unique home decor products. I love the wall hanging , it looks alluring and classy

  3. Smita Saksena at 1:03 pm

    I would love to buy these beautiful artifects from the site for sure…I love Madhubani art so much… lovely art pieces they have.

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