8 Instagram tools you should install today if you are new on the platform.


Here’s the list of the 8 Instagram tools which every new  influencer could use to take his/her post to next level. These tools are easy to Install and navigate through. These tools will help you create amazing posts, stories, find best hashtag and analyse your performance.

1.Creator studio from Instagram: If you have a business profile or creator account, you can         connect your Instagram to Facebook creator studio to post from your Desktop or Laptop             directly. Besides you can also check messages, view insights and monetise content.

Personally I like Creator Studio as it helps me plan and schedule my posts and IGTV.


  1. Canva: It’s a great tool to create images for blogpost, Pinterest and other social media channels like Instagram. Canva has many premade templates to create Instagram post and story. You just need to choose template, add text, colour, change font size and can even filter the background. Since the templates are in ideal dimensions for Instagram, you need not bother about getting size right.    

         3. Trending hashtag by Statstory ( IOS and Android) To get your post seen by users you                      need to put relevant hashtags to your picture and Statstory helps you in the same. When                    you add the search word and this App furnishes 30 more related hashtags. I find this App                  useful since it saves time by suggesting relevant hashtags. Through this App you can also                view hashtag trends on a graph and check hashtag analytics, average likes, views,                            comments.

Instagram tool


  1. Inshot on App store: This video editing App is a boon for me. Before this I tried many but after this, I dint try any. You just need to make videos either on your mobile or DSLR and then transfer it to Inshot app. Here you can join the clips into one, and also split, trim , cut and adjust the speed of video without affecting the quality. You can add transitions, music, text and stickers too on your video. The App allows you to share your video to all social apps YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.iNSTAGRAM TOOL


  1. Boomerang from Instagram on App store: I love boomerangs, they make the video fun to watch by adding quirkiness. The App takes burst of 10 pictures , and combine them together into a video loop. Boomerang automatically saves the video to your camera roll and give you option to share the video to your Instagram, Facebook, and to other apps on your phone. Instagram Tool


  1. Layout from Instagram: If you love presenting your pictures in collage form, then this App from Instagram is must on your phone. Here you can choose up to 9 photos and remix them to create nice personalised layouts. You can also flip, swap, resize , zoom in or out your images. Once layout is made, save it in your camera roll and share it seamlessly on Instagram. instagram tool


  1. Photoshop Express: An All-in-one App for real photography editing. You can choose from an array of effects and filters for your picture and give it a personalised touch. Other features include : applying blur to focus on the subject you want, adding text, borders, frames and making quick fixes to your pictures like adjusting contrast or removing red eye. You can add watermarks too to your pictures in form of text or logo. 

           8. Story Art: A great App to make eye catching stories on Instagram. There’s a huge                             collection of pre designed frames according to themes, in which you can put your pictures                 and design for Instagram story. Further you can add text with varying fonts, filters,                               themes,and stickers too on your picture art.

Let me know if you any other Instagram tools which a newbie should install.


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7 thoughts on “8 Instagram tools you should install today if you are new on the platform.”

  1. Manas Mukul at 5:15 pm

    This is really informative. I use a couple of them but wasn’t aware about some of them. Great informative post since Instagram has become the number one social media platform these days. Keep the good work going.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  2. Lancelot Quadras at 5:11 am

    Hey, that’s one epic list. I made one too a few days ago that showcases 17 such apps that can make life easier for you on Instagram!

  3. Felicia at 2:20 pm

    This is a really helpful post. So far I have been using only the basic tools. I learned about many more thanks to your blog post.

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