ZEE5 Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan is on my watch list these days.


Set in UAE, Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan is a TV series which tells the story of a real estate tycoon and the events leading to finding his successor. The show is currently available to watch on ZEE5, a one-stop-shop for all the entertainment needs.

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Behind all the drama and commotion, what really got me hooked onto this series is the interesting narrative of a Dubai based entrepreneur – Ikram Malik, which forms the crux of the story. Ikram is a seasoned entrepreneur, who in spite of suffering heavy losses in the 2009 Dubai crises, rose to prove his mettle. The drama series is definitely an inspiring story which gives hope to budding entrepreneurs who are trying to achieve their ambitions to make it big in the real world.

The show is backed by a stellar ensemble cast and the interesting storyline keeps you hooked right from the first episode.

Storyline: Shot extensively all over Dubai, the thrilling drama depicts the story of Ikram who heads Radiant properties, and along with his solid support system: his Vice -Presidents Faraz, Ajay, and Kabeer, and his CFO Roshni, goes on making a mark in the real estate by grabbing big projects. But this all comes with a price: Ikram makes enemies in the process and dies due to heart attack. But is this the actual reason for his death or there’s something fishy about it? Well, You need to watch this gripping drama to know more about this.

Cast: The protagonist Ikram Malik is essayed by famous star Javed Sheikh – an experienced actor who has worked in Tamasha and Happy Bhaag Jayegi. Other big names in the show include actors and actresses from TV shows – Sachiin Kkhurana, Aryan Vaid, Nigaar Khan, Garima Goel and Riyanka Chanda – who have all made their mark with their body of work previously.

What I like about the show:

  1. The show doesn’t only project the work-culture or office politics but also depicts the humane side of its characters through their family life; making it a well-balanced series for the entire family to watch.
  2. The series is filmed in Dubai, giving a pleasant change from the unusual settings.
  3. The series has an ensemble of exciting cast and crew, consisting of people from 12-15 nationalities. When such power-packed performers come together on the screen to deliver, the show becomes all the more exciting.
  4. The show never loses its grip on the fast-paced storyline. The journey of the seasoned entrepreneur, Ikram Malik, and the roller-coaster ride of his trusted men to make it big in the business, makes it a good series to binge-watch.
  5. Through its screenplay, dialogues and setting, the series gives a beautiful sneak peek into middle eastern culture.

Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan emerges as the highest-rated TV show among South Asians in the UAE for two months in a row and is honoured with the Zee Rishtey Award for ‘Best International Show.’

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6 thoughts on “ZEE5 Khwaabon Ke Darmiyaan is on my watch list these days.”

  1. Noor Anand Chawla at 11:53 am

    This seems like a very interesting plot. I will definitely check it out on your recommendation.

  2. Sandy N Vyjay at 1:48 pm

    The Plot of Khwaabbon Ke Darmiyaan has piqued my interest. I guess I will watch this one. Indeed Zee5 provides some amazing range of content.

  3. Dr Bushra at 6:29 am

    Indeed ZEE5, a one-stop platform for the nonstop entertainment needs. I like thriller shows. Khwaabo k darmiyan sounds like a binge watch.

  4. Snigdha at 6:23 pm

    I love to watch the series on Zee5 . Khwabo ki darmiya see ms like a good one too. I will watch it for sure

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