Shopping stores for kids clothing: It’s just a click away.


Your kid has outgrown most of his clothes and it’s time to stock up on some new wear for daily use. Or may be her birthday is coming up and you want to gift her a stylish, yet comfy dress. But given the current situation, you are wary of venturing out to shop from mall or a store; quite understandable. So why not check for kids clothes online  and get them  delivered right at your home, within a day or two of placing the order.

In fact, with lockdown rules relaxed, many online stores are seeing a jump in the sales in kids clothing. For my daughter too, I ordered many new comfortable garments for the summers.

Before I mention the online stores from where you can buy kids clothes, lets discuss what type of clothes are the best for the current season:

  1. Choose cotton fabric: Lightweight cotton fabric keeps the body cool by allowing the air to reach it and sweat to evaporate.
  2. Light garment: Make your kids wear simple and easy to wear outfits. Newborns remain comfy in onesies, for girls choose cut-sleeves or half sleeves dresses and for boys shorts or half pants works well in summers.
  3. Chemical free: Newborn and kids have sensitive skin, therefore their clothes should be free of harsh chemicals, waxes, and formaldehyde, lest they develop any rash during summers.
  4. Last-longer: With online services becoming erratic due to current situation, it make sense to buy clothes which should last longer, thereby saving you the trouble to buy again and again.
  5. Availability: Should be easily available and delivered to your door step in a day or two . Additionally, you may want to check on the workplace protocol the online store is taking for safe delivery of the parcel.

Whether you are looking for simple timeless ones or trendier fashionable ones, you can find some of the best kids’ clothing on: Hopscotch, Myntra, FirstCry, Mothercare, BerryTree, Ajio and Amazon. These online options are great to consider  whenever you need to replenish your kids’ closet.  Not only it relieves you of the hassle of going out to shop but these websites also offer great deals from time to time on quality kids’ clothing.

And if like me you are also sold on the idea of dressing your kids in organic cotton, which is an apt wear for  sultry summers, then Berrytree is the perfect online store to shop from the above mentioned names.

Berrytree is a brand which offers finest organic cotton wear children clothing, for newborn up to 8 years girls and boys. They also have nice limited organic wear collection for moms and dads.

kids clothes online

Now you might wonder why go organic when simple cotton too works well? Well, of late, this pandemic has made me tweak the eating habits of family, the biggest change being switching to organic food item (as much as possible) to stimulate the immune system. So, if food can be organic, why not our choice of clothing. Cotton is one of the most   sprayed crop and pesticide treated crop and among many health risks which it can pose is weakened immune system. Since organic cotton is not chemically treated and grown naturally, wearing clothes made out of it is one step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Apart from health benefit, organic cotton clothes last longer and feels soft and comfortable against skin.

Berrytree’s  summer collection looks absolutely chic and easy and I can personally vouch for the quality.

When it comes to buying kids clothes online, there are  no doubt many choices but it’s always prudent to make the right choice by going through the website’s various categories, reading the product details and checking the images before deciding on what suits your kids personality the best.









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  1. Paresh Godhwani at 4:47 pm

    I have had idea about first cry, myntra, amazon and ajio but this berry tree looks a very cool website. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Humaira at 1:13 pm

    These shopping stores makes available excellent quality dresses, accessories and toys for kids. Great thoughts.

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