Matcha Green Tea Skincare Products for your Beauty Routine


Several studies have hinted at the positive health effects of drinking green tea.  Among others, some are—it detoxifies the body, aids in weight loss, and boosts metabolism. At the same time, the topical application of green tea extracts bring about the desired glow on your skin. No wonder almost all the best grooming brands these days are utilising the magical effects of matcha green tea skincare products.

Of late many celebrities are swearing by its benefits; we remember reading it in an article that Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has made Matcha green tea an addition to her skincare routine and swears by its antioxidant properties. While reading more about Matcha green tea we got to know that “its caffeine content can reduce puffiness on the skin, particularly around the eye area. It also boosts skin hydration by improving water retention and reducing water loss, making it a must-try for all skin types.”

Now it’s good to make your own DIY skin-nourishing recipes using green tea but if you can’t spare time and prefer genuine branded products like us, we suggest a brand that has the goodness of Matcha green tree extracts in its products.

We are talking about Bryan and Candy’s range of Japanese Matcha Green Tea grooming and wellness products. Matcha is a Japanese green tea that contains a high concentration of antioxidants.

Looking to buy bath and body care essentials products online? Designed in New York, USA, these goodies provide smooth and nourished skin throughout the day. For a complete home spa experience, we can get the brand’s Green Tea Bath Tub Spa Kit that comprises Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub, and Body Polish.

We have been using these products for the past 3 weeks and can safely give our honest reviews on each one of them:

Bath and Shower Gel: The shower essential comes in a 300ml transparent bottle and is infused with essential oils, along with Camellia Sinensis, a type of green tea leaf extract. The gel feels extremely gentle on the skin and the fragrance of its ingredients exude a scintillating aroma all-day long.

 A small amount of this soap-free shower gel on the loofah lathers up nicely and cleanses the body effectively without stripping the skin off its natural oils.

Sugar Body Scrub: Infused with the lovely aroma of green tea extracts, this gentle exfoliator scrub does the job well to remove dead skin from the body. Besides Sucrose, it is enriched with Oatmeal extracts and Argan oil. The latter is known to slow the process of aging and Oatmeal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We find this sugar body scrub a good product to get rid of dark elbows and knees. The scrub comes in an attractive 100gm tub and you need to apply just a small amount onto damp skin with light massaging movements.

Green Tea Glowing Body Polish: This gel-based soft body polish is infused with organic tea extracts that detoxify the body gently and leaves it pleasant smelling once you rinse it off. I love the transparent packing of this product which makes the green gel with white colored granules visibly attractive. Here I also want to mention that all these products are paraben-free and are not tested on animals.

Hand and Body lotion: This green tea extract infused lotion offers long time moisturization to the skin. It is also enriched with Shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Besides softening the skin Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Hyaluronic acid too keeps the skin moisturised and has anti-wrinkle properties. The lotion absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on the skin. The product comes in a 125 ml tube with attractive black and green coloured packaging.


All the products, along with a soft white loofah comes in a beautiful packing of a mini bathtub and costs 1600 in total. This tub kit not only is good for personal use but makes a good option for gifting too.

The Star ingredient of all the products is the Matcha green tea whose antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties promote healthy and rejuvenated skin. Besides it also protects your skin from premature ageing, UV damage, redness, and irritation. Now haven’t we given you enough reasons to “go green” with these Bryan and Candy matcha green tea imbued products.





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  1. Arav Barve at 12:59 pm

    Wow! in love with this Bryan & Candy brand. Green tea is truly helpful for glowing skin and also helps to heal your skin in many auspicious ways. I would like to try this Bryan & Candy’s Green Tea BathTub Spa Kit. Thank you so much for sharing such a piece of lovely information.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna at 9:56 pm

    Though brayan and candy is a new brand for me but after reading your review I felt that it is really good . All products you had mentioned here looking promising. Will check out them for sure.

  3. Smitha N at 5:20 pm

    Naturally made product are always with good results for skin care definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing out the information.

  4. Surbhi Prapanna at 5:57 pm

    I had not heard about Bryan and candy brand before but after reading your post felt that it is really good. all three products sounds so amazing. will check out these for sure. thanks for sharing your honest review.

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