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Matchmaking in our traditional Indian setup has been facilitated by matchmakers, mostly relatives or brokers. This arranged marriage system transformed with the advent of online matchmaking portals and dating websites, giving the millennials the autonomy to search for their life partner. 

But finding a genuine partner on matrimonial and dating sites is hard work. In the repertoire of the profiles, it becomes difficult to find a perfect match that goes beyond looks, family background and bank balance. 

And even if two people agree to meet after filtering out the options at the site, they usually don’t discuss the questions beyond the “socially accepted” or “non-judgmental” ones before saying “I do”.  

This is because in our society it is still taboo to ask questions on religious preference, financial planning, family planning, personal values or intimate needs. The fear of judgement or getting rejected makes people sweep these questions under the carpet; due to which the important relationship conversations which were supposed to take place before marriage are ignored.   

People don’t realize but asking such questions can save them from future conflict.

Wondering if there’s an online matchmaking service that makes the process of pairing with a compatible person easier? A service where you can ask any type of question without revealing your identity? A service where you can ask anything that comes to your mind and not have the fear of being ridiculed or shamed? 


Enter andwemet,a unique matchmaking service for single Indians 25years and above looking for a serious relationship. The service allows discussions around relationship deal-breakers or negotiables like having a joint bank account, living with parents, the choice to become biological parents or adopt, among other personality and compatibility discussions. The service is promoting slow, mindful and conscious relationships to find an ideal partner. For this, the matchmaking service allows you to ask questions on real-life topics that help you bond based on the opinion you form.

This Is How It Works:


Through its Sneak Peek feature, a registered approved member can ask any uncomfortable question or otherwise anonymously to people of the opposite sex. For example, a registered approved female, without revealing her identity can ask fellow male subscribers what their thoughts are on living with the parents after marriage. When she asks this question, she can seek an answer in form of a poll– “Parents will stay with us” “They can stay close by, if not together” “They won’t stay, but visit often”. Based on the answers, she is able is to get a better insight into the personality and values of the prospect match.

So here without being judged, the female can narrow down her choice from the pool of suitors. 

Here are other sample questions which an approved subscriber has asked on the matchmaking service platform with his/her identity closed:


  1. Do you prefer a joint account after marriage or ok with separate accounts too?
  2. How soon do you want children after marriage?
  3. Do you need any personal space or alone time in a relationship?
  4. What are your expectations of sex?
  5. How do you plan to celebrate religious holidays?

These questions might sound awkward or even unthinkable to ask before you enter into a relationship due to our social conditioning, but don’t you agree knowing about the boundaries and non-negotiables can facilitate a satisfying relationship between a person and the prospective partner. 

In addition to the Sneak Peek feature, the service gives the options to earn exciting new currency and credits that can be used to interact with a prospect match. The registered members can earn andwemet currency to purchase chat credits. To earn andwemet currency members respond to or create their Sneak Peek questions or refer a friend to the platform. 

As against the perception, andwemet is not only a matrimonial platform; for a person who is looking for a serious committed relationship (be it live-in or just companionship) can too check this platform.

The platform does an extensive screening process, in-depth survey and verifies the data of the profile before it’s registered on the website. The idea is to make the dating atmosphere on this platform risk-free, respectful and comfortable for a person.

Final Thought:

Intending to aid users to find a partner with similar thought processes and expectations, andwemet is redesigning the way people should connect with others. 





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11 thoughts on “Matchmaking and dating done consciously at the platform- andwemet”

  1. Alpana Deo at 7:40 pm

    I think this platform will help many to find a compatible partner. The questions which may sound awkward are the ones which become a reason for future tensions. So it is bette to have a clarity on those grounds as well.

  2. Manisha Garg at 5:53 pm

    I think this is suited to the current people and would work much better than cliche websites. Will recommend it to single friends.

  3. Jeannine at 9:57 am

    Not sure about this kind of platform. Maybe it just not in our culture where we’re more into “old school” kind. Perhaps would be helpful for others.

  4. MeenalSonal at 4:55 pm

    A platform that have all the details of the prospective matches is a good factor to know the person more. Searching for like minded people out of circle can be difficult and such platforms help to find the right match.

  5. Diya at 5:02 pm

    Well writing article and this is so amazing post. I know about Matchmaking and dating done consciously at the platform. I am glad you shared that . Everyone will know it.

  6. blisslife at 6:07 pm

    For these type of app its easy to find like minded people as partner. Choosing your partner means choosing your future so app may be easy to connect but we all need to keep open our eyes and mind.. Sharing these type of will help overall for society.. Thanks.

  7. Jhilmil D Saha at 3:23 am

    The first and foremost point to look out for is safety and authenticity when using a dating or match-making site. This seems to have it all.

  8. Jyoti at 5:57 pm

    Oh this site sounds interesting . Choosing a life partner is really a difficult task . Will recommend it to single friends.

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