Doing math doesn’t have to mean stress.

Who here love to do math? Well, how many of us will yes to that? Not many. Right? Yet we expect our kids to fall in love with numbers. A University in Chicago also stated based on a study they conducted in 2012, that for some people doing math is the same as experiencing physical pain. Well we all have been there, haven’t we?

However, mathematics is an important part of our lives. Study says early math training for kids helps them to get better at problem solving and improves attention span. But what if doing math was more like a fun activity rather than a painful one? I came across Eunoia’s MathLab, which focuses on solving math concepts through physical objects and repeated experience. One would yell Abacus, but this is truly different and unique. Eurokids has this really interesting program to make learning more fun for kids so that math is no longer a painful experience.

Inspired by this idea I started a small experiment with my daughter. Every time I took her for grocery shopping, I started teaching her about weights and measurements. It turns out to be fun activity for both of us. If we are in the mood to buy some apples, while I pick the fruit, I ask mydaughter to keep adding the apples into the weighing basket till the scale says 2 kilos. Then I ask him to count the apples in total. When the scale exceeds 2 kilos, we pull out one or two apples and subtract it from the total. Small number games such as this makes it fun for her and gives me a pleasant shopping experience. Imagine trying to catch hold of your little one running around the supermarket otherwise. Engaging the kids into activity-based math is better for both.

Various institutions are integrating these techniques into the academic curriculum so that learning is less stressful for kids. This is becoming a welcome change. Kids need to see, touch and feel things while learning to do simple and complex math. DIY math workshops are the best exercises to get them hooked onto interesting and meaningful education.

I was glad to be part of HappyOn , a recently concluded event for mommies and kids at the Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. This event had workshops, fun activities, and gave a great network opportunity for us. What’s more you could ask? My kid got to explore a world for herself and made new friends. And if you want to know more on EuroKids Eunioa, then be there at the HappyOn event in Mumbai . Eurokids is the proud Knowledge partner. Catch you all there!



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