Why Push-Up Bras Are A Game Changer & How To Choose The Perfect One


Push-up bras, when spoken about in particular, are something that we immediately relate to a women with small breasts wearing to kind of add a little lift to the bust. This image has stuck with us and kind of diminished the fact that a push up bra, in reality, is so much more than that and nothing less than a game changer. So let’s go over how a push up bra can make all the difference in your outfit and look.

We need to understand that even though a push u bra proves to be very beneficial for women with smaller breasts, it can be used very well by women with regular or bigger bust size for many reasons.

Push up bra

  1. Better Shape

A push up bra can provide a good shape to the breast, irrespective of your breast size. One problem faced by women with bigger busts is that the breasts tend to hang or sag because you can’t defeat gravity right? Saggings breasts are something that most women are not comfortable with and wish to have perky breasts. Here’s where a push-up bra proves to be super helpful as it pushes the breasts tissues upwards and towards the centre and gives a great shape.

  1. Protect Modesty

Visible nipples can be an embarrassing situation for most of us. A slight nip in the temperature of a chilled meeting room, others don’t need that information from your breasts, right? A push-up comes in handy in such a situation. All push-up bras have added padding that conceals nipple show and protects modesty while keeping your breasts comfortable and secured on the inside. They can help you stay comfortable for longer hours and make your breasts look rounder in shape.

  1. Create a Cleavage

I believe all types of breast shape are beautiful. Having said that, some shapes come with its own pros and cons which can be easily tackled with the right bra type. If you have east-west or side set breast shape which means each breast facing against each other, then a push-up bra can help you bring them together. A push-up bra has angled padding on the bottom of the cups that push your breasts towards the centre and upwards creating a visible cleavage.

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How to Choose a Push-Up Bra

push up bra

For choosing the right push up bra for yourself you need to know the types of push up bras or the level of lift (cup size) that they provide to the breasts.

  • Subtle lift or level 1 push up bra: These bras have a very light lift and are the top pick for women with bigger breasts. They push the breasts closer but don’t add a lot of lift, giving you the shape you desire without excess lifts which you clearly would not need.
  • Moderate lift or level 2 push up bra: They give a moderate lift to your breasts which is almost two cup size more. Chosen usually buy women with medium sized breasts to give their bust an overall complete and fuller look.
  • Extensive lift or level 3 push up bra: These bras are for women with small breasts and they give a lift of about three cup sizes more. Chosen to be worn for dresses that are revealing for events or parties.

Now since we have gone through the types of push up bras, here are some pointers that can aid you in choosing the bra you need accurately.

  1. Occasion

It is important to choose and know when you are planning to wear the push up bra. Is it for a casual outing or for a party; your occasion plays a huge role in how you choose your bra so keep that clear in your head. You may want to pick a sexy lacy one for a date or a solid seamless one for a cocktail event.

2. Size

Make sure you know the lift that you are looking for. Buy the bra according to your breast size ie. For smaller breasts go for a level 3 bra, for medium size go for a level 2 bra and for ones that have a big bust, choose the level 1 bra that will gave your breasts the needed support and shape without excess unwanted lift. Make sure you stay true to your size. Measure yourself correctly before buying a push-up bra online.

       3. Outfit

What goes over decides what goes under; so your bra has to compliment the dress you are wearing. If you’re looking for a push-up bra for a white fitted top, pick a nude shade of push-up bra. If you’re picking a push-up bra for a tube dress, then pick a strapless push-up bra. While a multiway one would help you style one bra with different neckline options.

Push up bras can be used by every woman and should be, cause they will just help you look a lot more better in so many different ways. Use these tips to give yourself a look and style boost like no other.


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