Easy Salon like Facial at Home with Natural Ingredients


A round up on my live session on an Easy way to do Salon like Facial at Home. I was invited by RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore to host this session on their Instagram page .


It started with government-imposed lockdown, and now many of us are in self-imposed one in order to remain safe during these critical times. Going to a salon  or availing in-home services for a beauty treatment is the last thing on our mind. With no option left we have to manage our skin care routine on our own and at home only.

The facial I am going to describe uses natural ingredients and is very easy to do if you follow these simple steps:

  1. CLEANSING: The first step of skin care routine is cleaning the face thoroughly; for which I use raw milk. Raw milk is an excellent cleanser which clears the pores of excess oil and dirt. Start by taking a small bowl of raw milk , dip a cotton ball in it , squeeze the excess and gently clean your face with it.

Let it sit for five minutes on your face and then wash with plain water.


How it works: The lactic acid ,a form of alpha hydroxy acid( AHA) found in raw milk works           wonders for the skin. In fact, AHA is included in many modern skin care products.

TIP: Use raw , instead of boiled milk as boiling depletes many useful nutrients that would     have been beneficial for your skin.

  1. EXFOLIATION: This step is important to remove the stubborn dead cells from the skin’s surface and improve the overall glow of face.

I have a sensitive skin , so I avoid using harsh scrubbers and make my own exfoliator scrub mix. I mix grounded oatmeal powder and olive oil and exfoliate the skin ( in circular motion) for max 5  minutes. Afterwards, I remove the scrub with lukewarm water.


      How it works: Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and it gently draws out impurities from the skin. Adding olive oil makes it a hydrating scrub.

TIP: Avoid over-exfoliating the skin as it will drain off the natural oils of the skin.

In Salons after exfoliation, they give you a face massage , a step which I do while exfoliating only; as I am too lazy to do this elaborately on my own. So let’s make it simple and move on to the next.

  1. TAKE STEAM: For this either you can use a professional facial steamer or get your own ready. Just boil water in an open-  mouthed bowl  and take it off the stove. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl to take steam for 5-10 minutes. When you cover your head, the heat gets trapped and skin gets steam properly.


How does it work: This step helps open the clogged pores which in turn will help the   skin absorb the ingredients of the face mask better.

Tip: You can add a few drops of aromatic oil to get Salon-like feel.

  1. FACE MASK: The ingredients I use for face mask are honey, rose water, curd and vitamin- E capsules. Take some hung curd in a bowl, add little honey and rose water to it. Prick vitamin E capsule with a sterilised needle and squeeze out its oil into the curd mixture. Mix everything together and apply on face. Relax till it dries and wash it off with lukewarm water.


How does it work: Curd has fats which helps moisturise and bring glow to the skin. Honey and rose water are hydrating agents, and rose water acts as a toner too. Vitamin E oil reduces wrinkles and hyper pigmentation  and maintains overall health of the skin.

Tip: Don’t use Vitamin E oil directly on the skin, as it might develop a rash.

Finish off the facial by applying good moisturiser. Gently massage the cream on your face to let its goodness absorb in the skin.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Salon like Facial at Home with Natural Ingredients”

  1. Yogita at 2:35 am

    This is an amazing post with easy home facial method. I m surely gonna try this today… thanks for step by step instructions

  2. Richa at 4:09 pm

    Thanks for the natural beauty products for healthy skin, I’ll try out the scrub, I’m in desperate need of it.

  3. Chinmayee Gayatree sahu at 3:00 pm

    Well, since lockdown parlor is a completely no no… so these steps seem very handy. Though I have been relying on many cremes and ready-made products, but using natural products is always the best!!

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