How Sirona Menstrual Cup Helped Me Handle My Period Woes


Having used sanitary pads for good 20 years of my life, the idea of using a menstrual cup was cringeworthy. I shuddered at the thought of inserting something in my vagina, which by the way is not as small as a tampon that I use at times and not as convenient as a pad that I use most of the time. A menstrual cup is considerable in size, so what’s the guarantee that the whole process of inserting, taking it out would be pain-free and without any spillage.

But I have heard a lot about the cup- that they are environment friendly and not difficult to use once you get a hang of it. A few months back my sister visited me who told me she switched to a menstrual cup and explained to me its usage. This eased my apprehension. She suggested to me the brand too that she had been using. I decided to go for the same and bought myself Sirona menstrual cup.

Now let me mention the common woes which keep most women away from making the switch and how the Sirona menstrual cup could be your best bet to ease your discomfort. CLICK HERE

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  1. The Woe: Is it safe to insert plastic inside us.

The reality: Most menstrual cups like Sirona are made of medical/ health-grade-grade silicone to give you the most comfortable and safe feel. The soft material of the Sirona menstrual cup makes it easy to fold and insert. Depending on the flow, I leave it inserted for 8-12 hours and it gives me rash-free, odor-free, and itch-free protection. And trust me when I say this- with Sirona menstrual cup I find doing all the physical activities like walking, yoga, swimming much easier than the sanitary pad.

  1. The Woe: What if it leaks

The reality: I have used Sirona menstrual cups for my 3-period cycle so far. To tell you truth, the first day of using it did leak a bit, but because I didn’t double-check it. the Trick to insert and take out the menstrual cup hassle-free is to relax your pelvic muscles while doing so. Moreover, the Sirona cup has a specially designed rim that creates a seal around the vaginal wall, ensuring leak-proof protection. If applied properly, you won’t even feel it.

  1. The Woe: I might not be able to take it out

The reality: Again the trick is to relax your pelvic and vaginal muscles while taking it out. You just need to grip the base of the cup and the vacuum seal gets released, making the removal easy. Till you get a hang of it, you might want to remove it in the shower area, which will make to clean the mess easily in case there’s a spillage. If it’s of any comfort to you, I should mention that the Sirona cup has rings at the stem for easy removal.

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  1. The Woe: This would be an expensive affair

The reality: Not at all. Sirona menstrual cups are reusable and as claimed by the brand can last up to 10 years. So it is more cost-effective than Sanitary pads and tampons.

  1. The Woe: Cleaning the cup would be a tedious job

The reality: While you are using it, you just need to wash it with plain water and wipe it with a clean tissue. After the end of your monthly cycle, you can just sterilize it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Sirona menstrual cup comes with a breathable cotton bag which is a perfect material to store the cup.

  1. The Woe: Menstrual cup takes away Virginity

The reality: It does not. You lose virginity after having sexual intercourse but using a menstrual cup doesn’t mean you had indulged in one. So no worries.

Sirona Menstrual Cup works for me and if I say using this cup is a life-changing event for me, I am not exaggerating.  These super-cute cups come in three sizes, each with a different color. I use Medium size, meant for women 25-35 years of age with normal/usual flow. Small is for first-time users, like teenagers. And Large size for women above 35 years with heavier than usual flow.

I hope the above-mentioned information on the menstrual cups will help to make you an informed decision whenever you want to make a switch. If there’s any other question you wish to ask me, please write in comments and I would get back.




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5 thoughts on “How Sirona Menstrual Cup Helped Me Handle My Period Woes”

  1. hema gayatri at 4:15 pm

    I a m using menstrual cup for the past 5 years, trust me , it is a savior. Thanks for providing a clear and insightful post about menstrual cup

  2. Rashmi at 10:50 am

    Hvaent used sirona.. but a cup user for over 3 years and agree to all your points here..

  3. Kavita Singh at 3:08 pm

    I made the change from pads to the menstrual cup last year and life has been easier since then. I have heard quite a lot about this brand online, about time to check this out soon.

  4. Jyoti at 5:41 pm

    I m reading a lot about mensuration cups . Just hoping to switch soon . Little hesitant

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