Living in a small flat? A few illusions and ideas can make it look bigger.


You found your dream-home and have arranged all your belongings in the new abode, but suddenly the whole effect starts looking too cramped.  Well, one of the issues every owner of a small flat faces is that it always look stuffed up. But fret not; there are ideas and illusions to make a small flat look bigger without taking the help of experts.

Having stayed in different cities and changing  many homes , I have got a fair  idea on some ways which  are simple enough to make a small flat look spacious .Here are my top ones to consider.

  • Removing clutter is the most effective way to make a room look spacious; though obviously it requires lots of physical effort and the willpower to throw away the “hoarded” stuff. And once done, you will be relieved of not only the claustrophobic feeling, but de-cluttering also means you have less stuff to clean:).
  • Always use light colors (white to pastels) to paint the walls. These are not only soothing to eyes but give a sense of space too. Why? because unlike dark colors, lighter shades reflects light making the room feel bigger. Having suggested that, it certainly doesn’t mean your flat has to look boring with monochrome paints; so to add a little drama apply a wallpaper (readily available in the market) on one wall or do stencil work on one side of the wall yourself, to show off your creative skills.
  • While hanging any artwork on a wall, make sure it is little above the line of your eyesight to create a sense of height. Also make sure not to clutter the walls with too many small paintings or frames as it will make a small flat feel more congested.

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass windows; also called French windows can be installed in your flat. These glass panes extend length-wise which automatically takes the eyes outdoors; thereby making a room looks spacious. Though it’s a little expensive option but is a lasting one.
  • Alternatively, you can invest in long-light curtains which should hang right from the top of the wall to the floor, cascading like a waterfall. Again the idea is to make ceiling look higher, thereby making the room appear spacious. Here I have to mention that in one of my friend’s house, they have put a printed wall-paper on the ceiling of their living room which immediately fixates your eyesight up, making the room seems big.


  • By repositioning your furniture, trust me, your flat can look more spacious. Take for instance the sofa; most of us think that by placing the sofa right against the wall will give an open feeling to the room, which is completely wrong. Instead, pull your sofa a little away from the wall to create an illusion of vastness. Do the similar trick with your bed, side tables and dining table too; either place them at an angle or away from the wall.
  • To make your living room look big, put one large sofa, either in l-shape, instead of many small pieces of furniture.
  • Purchase furniture which has multi-utility factor attached to it. For example, buy an ottoman or a small settee with built-in storage which can function as a center-table too. A large variety of beds with storage are easily available in the market, so buy those. Use a bunk-bed with underneath storage in children room. And opt for furniture which can be folded and stowed away when not in use. These all ideas will keep the house as clutter-free as possible, thereby making the rooms look bigger.

  • A full-length framed mirror will not only add unending dimension to your small flats but also the wow factor too. If you don’t want to purchase a mirror which rests on the floor for the fear of its breakage, you can buy large framed ones which covers at least upper half of one of the walls..Also mount them in such a way that it either reflects a window or outside space, thereby making a room look big.
  • A small round rug always works better than the rectangular ones for small spaces. A tip I read it online and wanted to share is that even if you want to spread a rectangular one, buy the one which has vertical stripes on it which makes the hall appear longer, if placed length-wise. Also makes sure the rug is not placed under the bed or sofa, instead a few inches away from them.
  • You can remove the internal doors of the house or if need be, replace them with sliding doors or curtains.

  • To store your books or to display your collectibles opt for floor-to-ceiling shelves. This will offer both a fabulous storage option and since the height tricks the eyes to move upwards, it makes the ceiling look higher.
  • Tweaking a bit on furniture will also add space to your small flat. Some options that you can try are- Buy sofa with legs, a round or oval dining table with glass top, and a coffee table which can double as center table too. The idea is to keep the floor visible as much as possible to give a feeling of openness.

With space crunch becoming a norm in big cities, living in a small flat is becoming a reality for many city-dwellers.  By considering the above smart ideas and illusions, you can judiciously use space, making your small flat look bigger easily.



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6 thoughts on “Living in a small flat? A few illusions and ideas can make it look bigger.”

  1. Ketki at 6:27 am

    I agree to most of these points as I have used some of them in my new house. Great article.

  2. Madhurima at 6:44 pm

    Cannot agree more on the space crunch issue and loved reading this blog. I practically love in a minimal way so that I don’t have to stress too much to maintain the home. But these article gave me some idea.

    1. bytetrails at 5:29 pm

      yes space crunch is an issue but can be tackled with some smart design ideas as mentioned in the post. Glad u found this post of use.

  3. Amanda at 12:50 pm

    Great points! I need to get rid of clutter and I don’t live in a small flat! Looks amazing!

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