Spring Skin Care tips You Must follow For Beautiful Skin


The cold winter can be harsh on your psyche, but the effect is more drastic on your skin. As the temperatures rise, you can look forward to spring and expect respite for your skin. But you need to change your skincare routine. Spring is all about clear and fresh skin. So, it would be best if you lightened up -whether it is your clothes, makeup, or your skincare. Your diet will also need to change. Excited to make the changes? Then read on and follow these spring skin care tips , giving your skin a boost and helping it look gorgeous.

Top 5  Spring Skin Care Tips

  1. Amp Your Sunscreen Game: You need to use sunscreen all year long – winter or summer – but people are not diligent with their sunscreen routine in winters. Spring is the time to get back into the sunscreen swing. Pick up a moisturiser that has SPF. If you are one of those people who stay out in the sun for long periods, then ensure that you slather a lot of sunscreens.
  1. Go Light with the Moisturiser: Your skin requires a heavy moisturiser during the cold weather, but with the warm weather around the corner, you can opt for a light, non-greasy moisturiser that has sunscreen. Choose a product that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides.
  1. Anticipate Breakouts: While the warm weather is welcome after the cold winters, it brings about breakouts. Anticipating them is the best way to get your skin spring-ready. First, you should understand that breakouts occur during the seasonal transition. They are the negative effects of the changes occurring in your skin. The heavy products you used in winter combined with the warm weather can wreak havoc on the skin, causing breakouts, bumps, and much more. Switch to light moisturizers and cleanse and exfoliate regularly. If the breakouts are more than you expected, then be prepared with acne-fighting products so that you can take care of all skin problems immediately.
  1. Exfoliate: The spring season is the time to exfoliate and get rid of the dead cells. This will give your skin a luminous and fresh look. Exfoliation is necessary not just to unclog the pores but also to boost blood circulation, get rid of flakiness and help with cell regeneration. There are plenty of good exfoliating scrubs and masks available that exfoliate the skin and nourish it. Choose a non-drying formula that will not strip the skin of its natural oils. An exfoliating scrub will help reduce cellulite and stimulate the production of collagen. It will help with cell regeneration that will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and all signs of premature ageing.
  1. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate: Finally, hydrate yourself because that will keep your skin hydrated. And then, additionally, hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer because exfoliation leaves the skin cells exposed, resulting in dryness of the top layer. Just remember to switch from a heavy-duty moisturiser to a lightweight moisturiser, one that is suitable for your skin during spring. Ensure that it contains oils such as pomegranate, macadamia, or jojoba. These ingredients help retain the suppleness of the skin and moisturise at the same time.
  1. Diet Change: You would have spent the winter hogging on cookies and heavy food. It is time to change your diet to light food that is low on calories and carbs. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, cut down your sugar and processed food intake and drink plenty of water.
  1. Give Your Skin a Vitamin Boost: Support your skin’s metabolism by loading up on antioxidants. Intake of Vitamins A, C, and E, in addition to polyphenols and green tea, will strengthen the skin’s barrier and improve skin tone. Use products with niacinamide that is a powerhouse of antioxidants. This will give your skin a rosy look.
  1. Spring Clean Your Skin: You spring clean your apartment, then why not your skin! Your skin demands prep for the change in season. Give it a peeling that will deep cleanse it. It will remove dead cells and exfoliate the skin effectively.


Apart from the above spring skin care tips , try and lower your stress levels because nothing causes more damage to the skin than stress. Lighten your makeup and skincare routine. Include bright or light-coloured shadows for the eyes, bronzer for your cheeks, and melon or glossy pink for the lips. Give junk food a miss and load up on fresh fruits and veggies. Include plenty of water. Moisturise your skin and use sunscreen. You could also opt for a tinted moisturiser instead of the heavy foundation. Be regular with your skincare routine and watch your face glow with freshness and radiance this spring season.


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  1. Cindy Dsilva at 3:56 am

    These are awesome tips though I only load up on the fruits and vegetables. Junk food is not very cheap in India so I rarely have it. I love KFC! Hehe!

  2. Smitha N at 2:22 pm

    As I am 30+ and yes it’s really important for me to Take care of my skin definitely these wonderful tips will be helping out me for sure going to mark the post.

  3. Rakhi at 4:25 pm

    Spring cleaning skin is a different thought and unique approach. Also anticipating breakout is the most practical approach.

  4. Outset Books at 6:00 am

    Going heavy with moisturiser is one mistake I used to do. You have given some practical tips for us. Thanks for sharing them

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