Top tips to feel Christmassy and get into the festive spirit.


Christmas is the festival of happiness, contentment, joy, and affection. In difficult times, though we may not celebrate the festival the usual way, if the safety protocols are followed cautiously we can enjoy the festival with our friends and family.  So, let’s carry on the festive spirit; and to help you do so, we will talk about the top 5 tips with which you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

  1. Tune in to Christmas Music.

Music is one of the best things that can help you get in the mood for something. You can tune in to some Christmas music, or can easily find Christmas playlists on many music streaming applications. Music adds a different sense of joy to any of the festivals. And we all know that Christmas is always incomplete without the merry notes.

  1. Give Love and receive love.

The more you give love, the more you will receive love. It is as simple as that. Being thankful for everything we have and enjoying every single moment reflects the true spirit of Christmas. Christmas is about togetherness and we should definitely appreciate our family, loved ones, and the things that we have.

  1. Get your Christmas Sweaters out!

Those warm, shiny, and cute-looking red sweaters are the best things to feel Christmassy. They can easily give you a festive as well as a cosy vibe. Many designs and colours are available when we see these Christmas sweaters and we can buy our favourite ones. Decorating your place as well as wearing a Christmas sweater can help you get in the festive spirit.

  1. Decorate your place a little.

festive spirit

Decoration doesn’t always mean that we need to do the top-notch stuff to light up everything that we see. Decorations can be really minimalistic too. Even though, minimalism is fun. You can get a tree for Christmas and decorate it, but most probably you can’t go by that, you just get a small tree or a tree in a jar, and then decorate it the way you want. Christmas looks incomplete without golden lights. It doesn’t matter if the lights are on the ceiling, the wall, or anywhere else, if they are lighting up the area for you, then they are prominent to get you in the festive spirit.

  1. Enjoy warm food and be cosy.

Sipping on a warm coffee or hot chocolate with eating something really warm while sitting or lying at a very warm place. What’s better than this? Eating traditional Christmas dishes and sipping on warm drinks with your loved ones is a joy on a Christmas night. Being in warm pajamas and Christmas sweaters will make your warm place cosier and add to your Christmas spirit.

These tips will definitely help you to get in the festive spirit and hope you will enjoy your Christmas more than you ever did.


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7 thoughts on “Top tips to feel Christmassy and get into the festive spirit.”

  1. Alpana Deo at 5:58 pm

    Loved all your suggestions and you look fab in the Red dress. Just a few small touches in our every day routine, and we can change a monotonous day into something special.

  2. MeenalSonal at 6:51 pm

    These are some good suggestions to feel the vibes of Christmas. We are planning to watch movies on Christmas theme with cake and cookies, shall play music as you suggested in the morning when kids open their gifts.

  3. Surbhi Prapanna at 7:35 pm

    These are great tips to get into festive spirit. it is more useful during this time as due to pandemic restrictions, we all have limited outdoor activity options to enjoy during festive season. music and food is best thing that can uplift our mood and we can have great festive time as a family.

  4. Neha Sharma at 2:09 pm

    We do exactly all of this to feel all Christmasy. This year we have created a special cozy corner where we all sit during our family time and sip on our hot chocolate and have lots of fun.

  5. Jyoti at 2:45 pm

    These are great tips to get into festive spirit. We also celebrated at home with music and food and had amazing family time

  6. Hansa Kajaria at 7:43 am

    Watching Christmas movies with hot chocolate and putting up the Christmas tree and singing “Roudolph the red nose rain deer….” we have done it all to get the Christmas feel and vibe and my kids are loving it the most.

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