Wear a mask: Keep kids safe against potential Covid-19 third wave


The biggest challenge the human population is currently witnessing is the Covid-19 disease caused by the Coronavirus. The virus is completely novel and continuously mutating itself, posing a serious threat for people all over the world.

 However, considering the resilient nature of humans, we are slowly and steadily adopting various measures to adapt ourselves to the new normal. We are altering the way we think, behave and communicate to live with this virus till the time the earth is completely healed of this pandemic.

Bringing a change to the usual routine is not a cup of everybody’s tea though. For every responsible person, there would be at least two who behave completely according to their wishes and wants without paying heed to others. People are still blatantly ignoring the rules and guidelines that the government has laid to contain the virus; they can be seen swarming to markets, holding get-togethers, spending their time in leisure settings like parks and beaches whenever they get the chance.

The strategy to make people more compassionate is to keep highlighting the danger of the virus and keep educating them about it. After phase 1 when everything started “reopening”, people, in general, became complacent, wherein they showed lapses in following COVID appropriate behaviour. 

This resulted in a more dreaded second wave with hundreds and thousands of deaths, and those even if cured, were left with an adverse effect on lungs, heart, kidney, and other parts of the body. Not to talk about the economic losses and the resultant unrest, disparity, and poverty the country is facing.

While in the first wave, many households were largely left untouched, the scene was different during the second wave. The virus spread to almost every other house.

The lack of strict lockdown, plus people not following the covid appropriate behaviour is seen as the reason for a wider spread of the virus during the second wave of the pandemic. Additionally, the new strains of the coronavirus, which are considered more infectious, added more population to the list of infected.  

The second wave again saw another lockdown to help contain the situation. And after almost 2 months now, the states are slowly reopening but the fear of third-wave looms large.

Are more children getting infected too?

As compared to the first wave, the severity of infections among children was more during the second wave. Many children had to be hospitalized, where they required oxygen support too. Thankfully at present, the number of people affected in both adults and kids, from the second wave is reducing but the experts are already discussing the potential danger of the third wave for children especially.

Fearing that the possible third wave might affect the youngest of the population the most, paediatric departments in the hospitals across states have already started ramping up the healthcare facilities. Vaccine Manufacturing Pharma and Labs had already started clinical trials in children to check the vaccine efficacy on the emerging strains. These are among the many steps that the government is undertaking to keep the kids safe in a potential third wave.

What can you and I do to keep our kids safe, in case the third wave hits us?

  1. Both as responsible citizens of this country and caring parents to our kids, we should get vaccinated. If the parents in the family are vaccinated, there are lesser chances of kids getting covid-19.  
  2. Parents should encourage kids to wash their hands regularly and teach them to follow safe hygiene habits.
  3. Encourage the kids to maintain physical distancing. But whom are we kidding!! Kids being kids, it’s very difficult to keep them cocooned inside the home. Now that the lockdown restrictions are easing out in many states, kids will be back to meet their friends in the parks or other family functions.

In situations where maintaining physical distance is not possible, wearing a mask is the only viable option to keep children protected.

The question arises:

What type of mask is the best for kids?


For my kids, I choose a properly worn 3-layered mask that should protect them from all 3 menace – pollution, bacteria, and virus. Masks from MY are the preferred choice for my kids. Their India’s first Triple Action filter mask is made with layers of activated carbon and copper in the middle and fabric as their first and third layer. 

Activated carbon helps to absorb the pollutants and the copper kills every particle impurity, especially the virus with 99.96% efficiency, and the layer of fabric makes it comfortable to wear. According to a downloadable test report that is available on the website for public access, the mask has high filtration efficiency against viruses.

You also might not want your kid to keep fidgeting with their masks, so it is important to ensure that mask fits well on their face. Additionally, see to it that there are not any gaps when the mask is on and kids should not struggle to breathe comfortably. 

‘MY’ Mask has adjustable ear straps for comfort and a flexible metal nose bridge for a better fit. The mask does not lose its shape and quality after multiple washes. 

To buy: The masks come in a range of colours- Green, blue, black, and white, and can be purchased at  https://myprotection.in/

But keep in mind that a mask alone will not contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We should continue to practice COVID- appropriate behaviour that includes physical distancing and sanitizing our common touchpoints. Only then can we deal with this virus.









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7 thoughts on “Wear a mask: Keep kids safe against potential Covid-19 third wave”

  1. Ruchi Verma at 5:52 pm

    We need to understand that, still, we are not fully safe and have to take proper precautions and especially for kids mask and other safety measures are a must!! Thanks for writing this post!!

  2. Alpana Deo at 6:47 pm

    I agree with you. Just because we got vaccine, that doesn’t mean that we are 100% safe. Wearing mask should become our second nature now. That’s the least we can do.

  3. Surbhi Prapanna at 11:04 pm

    Yes second wave was so dangerous and I still could not forget the dreading effect of it. I agree we should take all needed precautions and should follow all the rules to avoid a stage of third wave of Covid 19. the mask you have suggested looking promising, will check out this for sure.

  4. Varsh at 5:08 am

    Making kids stay at home isn’t possible everytime. A good mask and insisting on attention to social distancing and proper hygeine would be a relief for parents.

  5. Roma at 12:47 pm

    I will surely check out masks from MY buddy, they really seem worthy, it so so important to have the right masks for kids

  6. Kavita Singh at 1:02 pm

    I shall check these masks out soon. I have been looking for some good options as my little one isnt comfortable with the one she is using at the moment. Thank you for the recommendation.

  7. Priyal at 1:03 pm

    I agree, getting vaccinated means we are safe. We need to wear masks and take goods safety of our kids. Wearing mask should be important

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