Year 2020 Not All that Bad: A few good things that happened to me.


Year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us; with more lows than highs no doubt. Though these “highs” may have been few and far between, yet I would like to highlight these in my article.

Year 2020 has helped me explore many facets of my personality which were lying dormant for many years.  It changed the way I think, live, eat, greet in many ways. And for crafting this new version: Milan 2.0, I will be forever thankful to this year.

Foremost, this year, just like in many other people, has Inspired creativity in me too. I have started experimenting a lot in the kitchen; tweaking tried and tested recipes or dishing out something new, much to delight of my family.

I have also honed my skills for my professional development; learning vital skills from my friends, colleagues or online. And yes, how can I forget to mention that I have finally found my green thumb in the year 2020. Since this has become the famous pastime passion for homebound people, I thought to try my hand too in gardening. Eight months down the lane, I am steadily expanding my balcony garden; and I must say, seeing the blooming flowers and plants is truly a rewarding experience.

Ok, now enough with the “new found” creative streak. Let me mention another benefits this pandemic has given our household: SAVINGS!! Since we are staying in and unable to spend on travelling, socialising, shopping (other than necessary), we have become forced savers.  Our household savings has climbed as spending has been cut owing to not going out to eat, kids not having after school activities, we not buying fancy clothes, and no weekend getaway. Our finances definitely are taking a turn for better and it’s nice to see something going in the right direction.

And since everything was going fine monetarily, we decided to splurge our pandemic savings on buying two big household gadgets: First a dishwasher and second RoBovac. You see washing dishes and mopping everyday was becoming a tiring chore for us, and with no idea when this pandemic will end, it makes sense to invest in gadgets that makes house work easier.

With the appliances working beautifully, I can now free up more time for my own work and leisure. Earlier we thought buying dishwasher is a costly proposition but when we did the maths, we concluded it will cost just 1200-1400 per month; a proposition much cheaper than my maid monthly salary.  And same goes with RoboVac, we would recover the cost in 10 months straight; so, in all it turned out to be prudent investment.

With work from home becoming a norm these days, my husband is 24*7 at home these days. This change is giving me a taste of what retirement life would be like. Since we are spending every minute of the day together, it is bringing out the best and sometimes bad in our relationship. Now, down the lane I won’t get upset when we would have friction over small things like why clothes are still not folded or why the other person can’t have a better taste in music. In a way this Pandemic is emotionally preparing us for retirement.

Other Random things for which I am grateful for this year 2020:

  1. No need to bother on the looks as each day I lounge comfortably in my PJ’s, sweatpants, t-shirts and hawaii chappals in the home
  2. No more waking up early in the morning and race against time to send kids off to school
  3. Puzzles and board games saw the light of day again and we are thoroughly enjoying playing it.
  4. Birthday parties are happening over Zoom, and it is super fun.
  5. Have taken to yoga to build body strength and reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. The year has taught me to believe in my strength. I can do cleaning, cooking, shopping and other menial house chores without the help of a maid.

And last but not the least, I learnt the proverb Health is wealth is not farce; it needs to be taken seriously. The pandemic has made us conscious of our food choices; the concept of healthy snacking, healthy activity has evolved in our home and I hope I remain aware of my family’s health the next year too.

So, guys that’s some of my biggest takeaways from the year 2020.

The year has definitely been rough on all of us, but rather than seeing the year with negativity, lets jot down the positive things that happened to us. this is the best way to maintain our sanity and motivate us to accomplish our dreams next year.






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12 thoughts on “Year 2020 Not All that Bad: A few good things that happened to me.”

  1. Humaira at 3:32 pm

    2020 is a great year of learning. It has not only taught us many things, but also brought families closer. Great thoughts.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna at 10:00 pm

    Yes agree that 2020 has taught us a lot and we had adjusted to new normal with fast adoptibility. Like you I also had a mixed experience when everyone at home. Sometimes it is so pleasuring but sometimes it is annoying.

  3. Mandavi Jaiswal at 6:35 am

    Both Dishwasher and home cleaners have been that much needed and awaited home applicaes in Indian homes, and that’s definately one good thing that has come out of this pandemic. Love your optimism as always, esp about teh being comfortable in PJs

  4. The Champa Tree at 6:42 am

    It is always finding the bright side of the picture. You have done it to the T. Loved reading your achievements. You have proven that thinks that are supposedly bad would start looking good depending on how we perceive it.

  5. Smitha N at 10:04 am

    2020 is a good lesson we should get adjust with what ever we have and the best thing is it made everyone close…

  6. Neha Tambe at 3:11 pm

    Well said. Kitchen creativity, savings and learning new skills have been my high’s of 2020 as well. I plan to build on it in the coming year

  7. Hansa Kajaria at 5:09 pm

    True 2020 was a mixed bag. There were times when the emotions where high and at times things were simply aweosme with the full family together. It taught a lot in terms of life and its meaning.

  8. The Champa Tree at 5:27 pm

    For me also on professional front COVID time as beneficial. I started Instagram and could promote it actively as I had time. Also the points you stated are so true

  9. Rakhi Jayashankar at 5:28 pm

    I was smiling while reading your post. Some points you stated made me think oh yeah this so true. Like the pyjamas, yoga and workout

  10. Noor Anand Chawla at 6:26 pm

    Yes 2020 was good for me too though not exactly in the ways you mentioned – more than anything, it was great for people who already work in the digital field no?!

  11. Dr Bushra at 6:11 am

    Indeed 2020 left behind with bitter and sweet memories. You have balanced your work and personal life so Beautifully during this period

  12. Amrit Kaur at 5:51 pm

    The year was good as well as difficult for me. I gained great knowledge and got time to excel my skills but at the same time was worried for the future

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