How to choose the best learning apps for your child


With education taking a turn towards digitalisation, it becomes important to stay updated about all its sources and routes. All of our kids have easy access to mobiles, laptops, iPads and computers, it becomes easier to connect to these resources because of the devices. This lets us refer to the various learning sources online to make their learning and study process easier. However, there is an overwhelming list of learning apps available online. As a parent, it is really tricky to pick the best one for your child. So here are some tips that you can use to choose one of the best learning apps from the rest for your child.

  • Check the apps content — While checking the various applications online, it is important that you consider the content on each of them while selecting one of the best learning apps for your child. The content should be totally based on the kid’s educational topics. Other than this, check if it provides the theme that your child is learning and all the subjects that you require for your little one is  in that application. For example, your child might be having French as a secondary subject in school and the learning app might not have that language included in it. So, it is better to opt for an application that provides you with the same language as well.
  • The purpose of the app — Each and every application available online has a purpose behind their existing. Even for an educational app, it is not just providing basic education to a child, but there might be some speciality attached to them. For example, some applications are preferably for nursery rhymes and made to teach your child the preschool activities. While some others might be available to help your child improve a certain skill or some of these can help reinforcing their studies in a better way. As per the purpose of your child’s learning requirements, pick the application that suits you the best.
  • The age range — In your quest to choose the best learning apps for your child remember to consider the age range first. It should be specifically suitable for your child’s age. Like, if you are a mother of a teenager, opt for an application that provides you with all the resources a teenager would require for studying. For a mother of a toddler, there might be some other application that helps in the elementary school activities and education.
  • The parental control program— One of the most necessary and primary factors to consider while choosing the best learning apps for your child is the parental control program. There might be innumerable advertisements occurring in between your child classes or video lectures which would not be suitable for their age. If you are having some parental restrictions on the application, your child is saved from this nuisance.

Apart from all these essential factors, ensure that you are checking if the application is free for lifetime and provides you innumerable resources for studying. Obviously, you might require 24/7 support in learning apps which lets your child resolve the doubts instantly as well. You could also consider the customer reviews of the application before downloading it for your little one.




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