Let’s learn Math Online; in fun and easy way!!


They say time and tide wait for none; and if I say tide and math wait for none, I can’t emphasise enough  the importance of learning the subject right from the young age. 

Leave aside becoming a financial analyst or a software engineer, a small child, even if he yearns to be a musician, needs to have knowledge of math.  Only then will he know how to read musical notes or figure out chord progressions in a piece of music.

The truth is any career one choses, it requires basic mathematical skills learned in school. 

In a mathematically-driven world, math is applied every day; right from the quantity of butter used to make a cake, to the discount one gets during sales or the amount of money invested in the business, one needs to know addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentage and fraction.  It thus becomes very important that parents and teachers foster a positive attitude towards the subject in the kids right from their formative years, so that they don’t feel anxious about math in higher grades. 

How to build confidence in Math:

  1. Make Math fun: Parents should include math in daily activities by finding ways to challenge the kid with simple mathematical calculation while he is playing (say with blocks or snakes n ladders), or while a parent is cooking, baking and doing household chores, or even when a child goes for a walk or shopping in the mall with the adult. Alternatively, animated worksheet, videos also help put forward math concepts to kids.
  2. Practice makes a man perfect: It’s perfectly fine if a kid makes a mistake; never discourage or reprimand him. Instead motivate him to practice more using mistakes as an opportunity to learn.
  3. Take academic help: In most cases it is because the kid doesn’t understand the concept, he underperforms in the subject, eventually developing “math-phobia.” Lest it becomes a permanent issue, it’s better to take help from math experts.

Though no one can deny the effectiveness of a traditional classroom methodology to teach concepts,but in the post-corona world when even educational institutes are depending on technology ( virtual classroom), it could be a prudent choice to enrol your kid in an out-of-class math online platform which has a proven record in the subject. Cuemath has been doing this for almost seven years.

I managed to read some testimonials from parents and teachers and is convinced that Cuemath can be my choice too for my daughter who is now in  high school and requires some extra help in Math, considering face to face teacher interaction is not possible during lockdown.

To access free Math worksheet, click this link 

What is Cuemath

Founded in 2013, Cuemath is beyond school math excellence program which through its unique way of teaching: reasoning and visualization , builds mathematical thinking and skills in kids. 

2 variants are available for students learning with certified Cuemath teachers:

  1. KG (Kindergarten) – 6th grade online classes during lockdown and Covid-19 that could be later shifted to offline classes as per the interest of parents.
  2. 7th – 10th grade online classes.


During Lockdown when there’s no one to one interaction with school teachers, enrol your kid in India’s No1 learning platform for math where every child get individual attention. 


Why it works


Covid should not put a lockdown on your learning; Cuemath understands this and is now offering free access to their Online curriculum.


Cuemath curriculum has been designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge University and is taught by trained and certified teachers who gives personalised attention to student.


Cuemath customises every worksheet for a student according to his/her calibre. Since the classes are undertaken on 1-1 basis, more attention is paid to a student which leads to better results.


The focus is on student’s developing their own reasoning skills, that’s why a teacher in Cuemath never tells, instead cue the student to the right answer. This way the child remembers better. And if he/she has any doubts , it is cleared instantly by the Math expert.


Click here to enrol your child for free online Cuemath Curriculum


Cuemath  doesn’t want kids to miss out on the fun time during summer due to lockdown, so it’s offering  fun math activities to children through Summer Camp 2020 which features 12 hours’ worth of content to be done in 12 sessions of 60 mins each .

Each session is a mix of Cuemath workbooks, coding and fun math activities . These activities will include solving puzzles ( sudoku, ken-ken, Futhoshiki, Tic-Tac-Toe) ,  enjoying games (crosswords, word jumble and slitherlink) and making mini projects (budgeting, poster making) 

12 coding activities will involve six online activities and six offline activities; children doing one activity in one session. 

Must say, Learning plus fun never gets better than this.



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