7 Things Every New Parent Needs to Know About Diapering


Being a new mom is exciting and equally challenging. There are times when a small routine task like diapering can boggle you down. It is important to keep all the information, like the diapering routine, handy so that you enjoy the feeling of becoming a mom. This article will get you started! 

Selecting Right Diaper

While the market is flooded with diaper brands, there are some that deliver what they actually promise. I would suggest you go for a known brand, as far as diapers are concerned. Some features that you can check out in the diaper are its softness, clear wetness indicator lines, etc. There is no science behind getting the diaper right; the only way is a hit-and-trial method. You can check out several brands and see which brand’s diaper suits your baby, the most.

Size of the Diaper Matters

  • Getting an ill-fitted diaper is of no use to your baby (it will rather irritate your kiddo!). Some signs can help you get the right-sized diaper for your baby. 
  • The diaper should fit around the thighs of your baby, just perfectly; if there is too much open space in the diaper around your baby’s thighs region, then go for a smaller sized diaper
  • Go for a diaper with a cushion waistband. It should not feel restrictive when you put a finger between the diaper’s waistband and your baby’s skin. An excessively restrictive waistband will give a rash to your baby’s skin. 
  • Ensure that the diaper is covering your baby’s bottoms completely, otherwise, there will be leakages!

Is Diaper Absorbent Enough!

You know right, that a newborn goes peeing like 30 times a day! You obviously cannot change the diaper every time your kid pees. This is the reason you need a diaper that is absorbent enough. You can go for Huggies premium pants that come with bubble-bed inner lining; this ensures that the liquid gets absorbed & spread evenly in the diaper. You can count on some brands to remain absorbent for as long as 12 hours!

Are you Ready with Diapering Essentials?

Diapering is not merely about removing one diaper and making your child wear another one; there is a bit more to the process. You will also have to clean your baby, provide nourishment to the baby’s skin, and distract the baby while you change the diaper (the most difficult part!). You will need soft cotton balls or baby wipes to wash your baby. The next thing that you would need is a soothing ointment to prevent any kind of skin rash. You will also need a pacifier to distract/keep your baby busy, while you change the diaper. 



Knowing the Diaper Changing Time

A baby cries for several reasons like food, diaper change, sleep, etc; it is a mother who can differentiate between various kinds of her baby’s cry. So, the very first suggestion is to go on your motherly instincts, as far as knowing when to change the baby’s diaper is concerned. 

You can also buy diapers that come with a wetness indicator, which should tell you when does your baby need a diaper change. Of course, if you sniff around your baby and it smells gross, then you know it is time to change the diaper!. Shop products such as diapers and other kids essentials at Firstcry, to get these products at a better price, use the discount codes and promo offers.  

Diaper Rash & its Treatment 

When you see red patches on your baby’s buttocks that is diaper rash right there. It happens when the baby’s skin is irritated with prolonged exposure to urine and stool in their fitting diapers. This is one reason you should always adhere to the diaper changing schedule. You can also use a rash cream that suits the delicate skin of your baby and heal the baby’s rash. You should also use sensitive-skin friendly and only soft diapers. 

Disposal of Used Diapers

This is the last stage of the diapering that every parent needs to follow. One thing you need to know is that you cannot simply throw away a used diaper; you will need a proper disposal system. You can keep a diaper pail where you can discard all the dirty diapers. You can also use bio-degradable bags which can tightly wrap the dirty diaper; keep them handy because you never know when you would need them. 


There you go! All you need to know about diapering is mentioned in this article. Being a new mom is an extremely adventurous journey, where you get to discover so much about a new person and yourself. Do not let something like diapering, interfere with your journey of being a new mom. 



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  1. Alpana Deo at 6:43 pm

    I have passed this stage but these pointers are very useful for new parents. Diaper usage, diaper changing duration are one the list of new parents. Mostly we do not talk about how to dispose the used diaper. I am happy that you touched that point as well.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna at 7:18 pm

    Wow this was such an informative article for new moms. you have mentioned all aspects of diaper changing so well in this post. many new parents did not know it well. your post will help them a lot to keep all these important pointers in mind .

  3. The Champa Tree at 2:42 pm

    When it comes to diapering there a been revolutionary changes in the last 5 years. You have pointed them in the right direction

  4. MeenalSonal at 2:55 am

    I had a big struggle with the diaper rashes and later on realised it was not by diaper but with the wet wipes I was using in that area. Your post has many pointers to note for a new parent.

  5. Kavita Singh at 1:52 pm

    That is quite detailed information on diapers. I am sure many new parents would fin it really helpful. Choosing a right size and fit for your child also matters alot when it comes to buying diapers 🙂

  6. Amrita at 2:56 pm

    If soiled and definitely not more than 4 hours.That was what our peds told us about diaper and changing them.Some very sensible advice that parents will love .

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