Hobby Ideas for kids to try at home during Pandemic


With schools, gardens, parks, outdoor activities and hobby classes closing intermittently in the wake of the pandemic, kids are spending weeks together inside the four walls of the home. The increased time at home can be used as an opportunity to enhance the child’s interest in rediscovering hobbies. A hobby can help kids work on their confidence, enhance their thinking capability, make them productive, and above all, can prove as a great stress-buster.

Here are some simple hobby ideas kids can try at home during a pandemic:

  • Cooking and Baking
  • Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Origami
  1. Cooking and Baking:


Cooking and baking are interesting activities to engage kids meaningfully. Through the art of cooking, kids can learn self-reliance skills, multi-tasking and presentation skills. If you are a parent of a grown-up kid, spending time in the kitchen together will help you come closer to them. Due to the pandemic, distancing with your kids might have increased, but engaging in a joint activity will help your kids to share their thoughts with you more comfortably. 

And if you are a parent of a small kid, involving them in cooking and baking helps them understand healthy foods in a better way. Plus young kids can learn simple maths during cooking. They get to learn counting, simple measurements, weights and proportion while whipping up a dish.

  1. Sewing and Stitching:

As a young girl, I learnt basic sewing and stitching in my school during SUPW classes. After I got the hang of the activity, it became my favourite pass time during vacations. My mother would get DIY stitching kits that kept me patiently engaged for hours together. Nowadays I am teaching my kids this art which they enjoy thoroughly. You can also consider involving your kids in the activity. Apart from making them capable to sew on a button or alter their clothes when needed, this activity is perfect to keep them busy while giving a great outlet for their creativity. 

  1. Gardening:

Gardening is an excellent hobby to promote physical activity. When kids water, dig, plant, it gives their body good exercise, which otherwise they miss out on while staying at home. The hobby is also good for their mental health as nature has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Another benefit of growing your garden include exploring science in a practical way- where the food comes from, learning about fruits, herbs and vegetables, why plants need sunlight, and much more. The hobby also encourages healthy eating and teaches patience and responsibility in kids.

  1. Photography:

Kids are good with technology; use this aspect to your kid’s advantage and encourage them to keep experimenting as they take pictures of flora, fauna, people, stars, sky, festivals, and anything that catches their fancy. You can consider enrolling them on a good online photography class to hone their skills or let them explore interesting and fun things on their own with their camera.

Photography is a lovely hobby for kids that has the possibility of turning into a lifelong passion. And since digital cameras have made the hobby user-friendly, it’s an easy one to explore. 

  1. Origami:

Origami is a traditional art of folding paper in different shapes to create figures and shapes. Besides therapeutic advantages, the hobby can help your kids to increase their creative skills and thinking capability. Other advantages include boosting creativity, mathematical skill development and building cognitive and motor skills in kids. If your kid is a beginner, he/she can learn it online but might need your help to make clean folds to get it right.

Overall, it may be said:

Children these days are missing out on going out, play with their friends, and other activities like attending summer camps that used to keep them engaged. Staying at home for a prolonged time is making them sad, stressed and anxious. Parents must try to maintain a positive environment in the home and keep their kids engaged in some hobbies to support their emotional and physical health. 


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12 thoughts on “Hobby Ideas for kids to try at home during Pandemic”

  1. Neha Sharma at 1:05 pm

    The pandemic made us do it all, my son loves spending time with the house plants. He also loves to do drawing and painting. I want to introduce him to cooking and baking now. Nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

  2. Abha Singh at 2:26 pm

    These are some great hobby ideas for kids. I like baking and painting the best to do with my kids and they enjoy it too.

  3. Paresh Godhwani at 6:47 am

    These are some great tips to channelise child’s energy into something productive. Who knows these hobbies may become their passion and profession one day.

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