Spend Time with Nature and Animals at Destiny Farm Resort, Ooty.

It took just 8 hours of drive from Bengaluru city to leave its cacophony and transported to a place that was perfect to hit my reset button. Nestled far from the chaos, in the hills of Nilgiris, Destiny Farm resort is an amalgamation of sustainable luxury and nature. To explain in another way, here you can enjoy the opulence that the resort offers in the tranquil setting of nature. 

The property is around 35 km away from the town of Ooty. We reached Destiny around lunchtime and after completing the check-in formalities, headed to our rooms. Our “Superior” rooms were located on the second floor of the resort and came with all the basic facilities. The rooms open to a private balcony that gives you unending views of the valley and the lake in between. 

After freshening up, we started with a tour of the property. Reshma, from the resort staff, showed us around, all the while briefing us on the indoor and outdoor experiences we can indulge in. My kids instantly charged upon hearing about wall climbing, zip lining and horse riding. Their enthusiasm rubbed upon me too and we did the first two activities before lunch. 


Destiny Farm Resort has an in-house restaurant, Wishbone, where they serve all three meals, that includes Indian, Asian and Western fare. The restaurant follows the concept of farm to fork; as much of the ingredients like veggies, herbs, milk, cheese etc. are procured from their farm. The breakfast is complimentary, and one can go for al carte during lunch and buffet during dinner. During evenings, complimentary tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are served alfresco overlooking the hills and well-manicured gardens. It feels so serene sipping on some herbal tea (herbs are from their kitchen garden and theirs a variety of tea they offer) and munching on hot pakoras watching the drizzle falling on the ground. At night they arrange for a bonfire too here.

This resort is a place that doubles up as a farm too. Destiny has a stable full of horses, a dairy with many cows, and space, right beside the kid’s play area, to keep small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, and hens. All these places are scattered around the property that can be reached by walking on the well-laid paths inside the premises. A long flight of stairs on the resort’s lawn goes all the way down to the fishing pond, a duck pond on one side and a farm area on another where sheep are kept. There are patches of farmlands too within the premises where vegetables like carrot, beetroot, and cabbage are cultivated. Occasionally one can also see sheep and cows grazing on the hills. 


In addition to seeing these animals in such proximity, you can feed them too. My kids enjoyed feeding grass to sheep and rabbits. A complimentary horse ride at a high ground area for one hour in the morning and evening can also be availed. If you are up to it, you can also experience milking cows in their well-kept dairy.

To keep kids engaged, there is a play area with a swing, slide, rope climbing and monkey bar. In indoor activities at Destiny Farm Resort, kids can also try their hand at art and craft, or play carrom, table tennis and foosball in the activity room. A small library nook at the reception makes a nice place to read a book.

To further enhance the experience of staying on a farm, kids can try their hand at farming in their kitchen garden.

While the kids were busy learning a thing or two about herbs, tilling the soil and planting the seeds, I went to get a body massage at their Unwind Spa. The Spa is set close to the lake, thereby offering fine vistas of water and hills as you enjoy therapies here.

Right beside the Spa, one can trek down to reach the lake. On the second day of our stay, we decided to enjoy camping by the lakeside. The hotel staff set up a sturdy tent for us and the hot food in steel casseroles, along with plates and cutlery were also sent by the restaurant after a while. Shortly afterwards, it started to rain, and we rushed towards our tent. Cooped up inside we relished our hot lunch, all the while heavy downpour making our shoes soaking wet. 

We went to Destiny at the end of July, in the middle of the monsoon season. Thankfully, other than the time when it rained for some time on the second day, we encountered clear weather only. For two days we explored the place and the activities at our own pace and enjoyed every bit of it. Though it’s been over a week since we are back in Bangalore, we still rave about the place to our friends and family and can’t wait to go back when we have a chance in future.

Additional Information on Destiny Farm Resort:

  1. Destiny farm is located approx. 25km from Ooty. The farmland is situated in the Nilgiris biosphere.
  2. When you head for it, put Destiny Farm stay parking on Google Maps. The resort to share the location map with you before your travel.
  3. The last 150m, from the main road to the parking space, is a narrow, rough and rocky mud road. Drive carefully.
  4. You have to leave your vehicle at the parking lot and take their vehicle (more like an army truck) that will take the guests to destiny. If your driver is accompanying you, his accommodation is provided in the parking lot.
  5. Be prepared for the bumpy ride till Destiny. The road is non-existent, the entire 3k stretch is slushy and uneven. 
  6. The resort is deep inside the forest, so they don’t have shops nearby to purchase anything. It’s advisable to carry stock of baby pads / sanitary pads/ Medicines. It’s a pet-friendly resort.
  7. The climate gets cold in the morning and evening. It’s better to carry woollen clothes/jackets for a comfortable stay at Destiny Farm Resort. 
  8. Pack comfortable clothing and shoes/boots since you will be exploring the vast place on foot.
  9. The mobile signal is low in the room, but it’s good at the reception and the restaurant.
  10. There is no television in the room, but they have a karaoke room where one can watch movies too. Truth be told, I did not miss watching the TV at all during my 2-day stay.





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  1. Gunjan Upadhyay at 11:52 am

    Nothing can beat some family time in midst of nature and animals. such a green place with so many things to do as a family. indeed a great place to relax and unwind with kids. thanks for suggestion

  2. Mandavi Jaiswal at 12:57 pm

    OMG ! Such an amazing place, I would love to explore every corner of this place, My Next trip would be Destiny Farm Resort.

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    Lovely pictures ..it seems to be lovely place in the lap of nature.thanks fir sharing about such a hidden gem Nearby a concrete jungle.

  4. MeenalSonal at 1:53 am

    Visiting a nature place and having a farm right there is a perfect combination to spend days with family. Liked all the images and the one with a swing with nature in a backdrop is a perfect way to relish the nature. And thanks for sharing all minute details with us.

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