5 quick and easy summer drinks to make at home


The hot summer is here and the super hot season calls for refreshing drinks to quench the
thirst. The heat of the day may disturb the functioning of the digestive system, but cool and
healthy drinks could keep us healthy and energised. Having a cool drink on a hot day relax and
refresh the mind. Summer drinks are easy to make and it is fun to enjoy them as a family. Here
are 5 quick and easy summer drinks to make at home.

1. Lemon juice/lemon soda

Summer drinks
Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It boasts one’s immunity and it cools the body. Half lime mixed with
½ glass of water, a teaspoon of salt and sugar could give one the essential energy to tackle the
heat of summer. Soda water can be mixed into the glass of lime juice with a pinch of salt. Lemon
soda isn’t good for those who suffer from gastric issues. So, those with gastric issues can have
simple lemon juice to keep the immune system intact.

2. Cold-brew iced coffee

Summer drinks
Coffee isn’t very bad if it is taken in the right quantity. Cold coffee would be a great refreshing drink
after a day of long work. It isn’t hard to make one and enjoy it at home. Mix 1 ounce (28 grams)
of coarsely ground coffee with 1 cup of water and let it rest for 12 hours in your refrigerator. You
can add up a cube of ice or a dash of milk too to enjoy the start of the day. If you want to enjoy it for a week you can make larger quantities ( without milk) and store them in a jar. It will keep you alert and brisk throughout the day.

3. Pineapple lemonade

summer drinks
Pineapples are tangy and sweet.1 cup of pineapple juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar,1 cup of lemon
juice mixed with 5 cups of water and refrigerated for an hour will make a perfect pineapple
lemonade. Pineapple contains disease-fighting antioxidants and it could keep the body at its best
during summer.

4. Orange squash

summer drinks
Oranges are rich in nutrients and it eases digestion. Oranges are very sweet. So, one must be
cautious while adding sugar to an orange drink. Less than a tablespoon of sugar will be enough
for a cup of orange squash. 1 kg of orange could give you nearly 1 litre of juice as oranges are
juicy. You can refrigerate it by adding sugar and at least ½ litres of water for a little orange juice.
You enjoy them by adding cubes of ice if need.

5. Strawberry lemonade

summer drinks
1.2 cup of lime juice, 1/3 cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of water,  sliced strawberries,  20-30 mint
leaves with 2 cups of cold water can make perfect strawberry lemonade. Strawberries help in the
circulation of blood and are good for your heart. Having them once a week during summers will
keep the body in a balanced state.

Summer drinks are essential to cool the body and increase the power of the immune system.
Besides the above mentioned there are also various other drinks; and one could choose to have the best summer drink as per one’s choice.


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7 thoughts on “5 quick and easy summer drinks to make at home”

  1. hema gayatri at 10:20 am

    These are some super duper yummy suggestions to beat the heat. Among all Cold-brew iced coffee is my all time fav. infact the Strawberry lemonade sounds super refreshing

  2. Smita Saksena at 12:58 pm

    These summer drinks looks superb and so refreshing. In these 5 yummy drinks my favourite is Orange squash.

  3. Hema at 2:58 pm

    Cold-brew iced coffee is my all time fav, it makes me super energetic instantly . I am gonna try the Strawberry lemonade sounds refreshing

  4. The Champa Tree at 11:24 pm

    These are all the best drinks we could have during the summer. I loved the cold coffee idea. I’m going to try this for sure

  5. MeenalSonal Mathur at 1:49 am

    In summers one needs a refreshing cold fruit juices and my personal fav is lemon soda and iced brew cold coffee is any day partner .

  6. Roma at 2:55 am

    The list came at the right time buddy, will love to try each of these and enjoy the variety in my summer coolers.

  7. Ishieta at 6:38 am

    such good ideas for summer drinks … thanks for sharing the recipes, something we can easily try out and would make for a good change to have this variety in drinks.

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