Right Mix of Learning a Language and Culture with The Language Network.


My daughter these days is learning a foreign language, French from an online platform- The Language Network and she is thoroughly enjoying this experience of learning the language.

The Language Network has been actively mixing learning a Language with Culture to create a perfect cocktail of fun learning for students who are looking forward to learning new languages online. Their C1+ teachers include the cultural background of every language in their course in order to get the students better adapted to a language and have an in-depth understanding of it. This approach is helpful according to the New Education Policy.

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According to the New Education Policy 2020, culture plays a vital role in learning a language. This new policy gives more importance to language and culture. Various languages have been accepted and added by the government in the current education system, which includes French, Spanish, German, Sanskrit, Japanese, etc. We incorporated the same in our objectives to create and flourish a growth of linguistics by consciously including culture in the mix.

The Language Network, also known to many as TLN, came into existence in November 2020. However, the thought of creating a language platform, online, for students and job professionals, amidst a global pandemic, was germinated ever since the lockdowns began.

The idea was quite simple. COVID-19 pandemics lead to a complete shutdown of schools and colleges. This in turn created more exposure to online platforms. In such an environment, there was a need for language experts and teachers to shift to an online mode of teaching. TLN grabbed the opportunity and is now one of the top-most organisations in online education services.

Creative minds at TLN had a promising young aim. It was not just simply creating another online education platform and settle for mediocracy. TLN’s objective was to create a fully functioning virtual eco-system, which is capable of administrating language courses and tracking the learning track of every individual. The vision of this start-up was to create a platform that can be accessed by the parents, in order to focus on the growth of every individual it is affiliated with.  

Around the same time, the Government decided to upgrade the current education policies and make them soundproof in today’s world. Thus, came into existence the National Education Policy, or also commonly known as the New Education Policy 2020. TLN understood the current trend and the change of tides in the coming future and started promoting lingual-cultural education.

The  C1+ level teachers at TLN are well-equipped with the necessary tools to teach various languages that are a part of the New Education Policy and others. These languages include Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, English German, French, and others. The students affiliated with their language programs are not just provided with study material and online lectures, but also blogs and articles related to their language of choice.

These blogs are culture-centric and also focus on the socio-political currents of the regions from where these languages sprung. We believe that as our students learn from basics and reach advanced levels, they will be getting more and more familiar with the etiquette and lifestyle of these regions. It is highly beneficial and recommended to those who are aspiring and dreaming of travelling and living in other countries.

Final Thought:

TLN loves to encourage learning a language, a new culture, to promote a positive change in his/her life. Not only it keeps one up to date with the world, but also helps develop new neural pathways in the brain and keep one fresh.





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5 thoughts on “Right Mix of Learning a Language and Culture with The Language Network.”

  1. Sadvika Kylash at 6:36 am

    Its amazing to see such good knowledge is being thought online. A new language is important for kids to learn. And happy that kids are also showing interest in this

  2. Swati Mathur at 9:17 am

    I agree knowing a culture helps you to learn any language not just easy but interesting too. And online petals are doing great in this area. Learning any new knowledge gives you that extra edge that you need to have to improve your probably of success.

  3. Varsh at 3:08 am

    The Language Network is new for me and definitely an innovative way to learn languages. Why just kids, I think we can use it too.

  4. Humaira at 2:45 pm

    Learning foreign language is an avenue that would help in the long run. Any new knowledge is a wealth without doubt.

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