Love chocolates? Learn how to tell the good quality chocolate.


One food item that many of us find irresistible is chocolate. Eating chocolate in any form – brownie, cake, fondue or a bar, always delights the senses and puts one in a blissful state of mind. Chocolates contain certain psychoactive chemicals that have the power to seduce our senses. These days there is a large selection of chocolates to choose from, but it’s difficult to tell the good from the bad. So, how to tell the good quality chocolate. In general, it’s our sense of taste that deciphers the quality of chocolate. When we eat chocolate, and if it tickles our taste buds aptly we claim it’s good. Other than taste, there are simple ways to find if the chocolate you have bought is one of the finest.

Before I delve into the qualities of good chocolate, let me introduce you to a brand of chocolate that I recently tried and liked so much that I feel it’s my moral duty to share it with my readers:)

I tried BeeTee’s MELT chocolates that come in 3 varieties- Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and Coconut Milk chocolate.  Keeping this brand as a reference, I would tell you the qualities of good chocolate.

quality chocolate

The first quality by which you can decipher its goodness is the amount of cocoa present in the chocolate bar. A bar of quality chocolate contains a good amount of cocoa in it; 30 per cent of this ingredient in milk chocolate and over 45 per cent in dark chocolate amounts to fine chocolate.

Now let’s see the percentage of cocoa in BeeTee’s chocolates. The brand’s dark chocolate is rich in cocoa; it claims to have 70-85% cocoa in its bar of chocolate weighing 55 grams. Only 3 ingredients go into making the dark chocolate- cocoa beans, palm sugar and cocoa butter. The milk chocolate has 48% cocoa and is made from cacao beans, cacao butter, milk solids and is sweetened with muscovado sugar. Their third variety, coconut milk chocolate has 54% of cocoa besides coconut milk and coconut sugar.

Going by ingredients, you can very well figure out that these “ bean to bar “ chocolates contains only the finest cocoa beans- no cocoa powder, no cocoa solids and no artificial sweetener. The chocolates are made with the highest quality raw materials sourced straight from the famous cacao farms of Kerala and Vietnam. Since they use the purest ingredients, the taste shines through.

Taste and texture is the next feature to gauge quality chocolate. BeeTee’s chocolate ticks the box in this trait too. The chocolates are shiny brown, breaks cleanly at room temperature and has a silky (not sticky) texture. The high-quality cocoa butter used in the chocolates makes it melt on the tongue, the moment you put it in the mouth. The beautiful part of each chocolate is the taste lingers on for some time after eating it.

The sniff test is another tool that tells you about the quality of chocolate. The richer the scent of the chocolate, the better its quality. BeeTee’s chocolates smell strongly of chocolate, sans other smells like frozen, vanilla or spices.

Lastly, to own quality chocolate learn about the brand; check their website to know about the ingredients used, manufacturing process, packaging and shipping etc. BeeTee promises they use honest ingredients in their products. The chocolate contains no cocoa powder, no cocoa solids, no artificial sweetener. The chocolates are free of gluten, soy, refined sugar and preservatives; which makes a great vegan option.

All their cocoa beans are imported from a single farm, which ensures the uniformity in taste and texture of each variety of chocolate. The artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate makers support sustainable farming and are involved in each step of chocolate making – right from cocoa farming, sourcing, to roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, tempering, moulding, and even wrapping the finished product.

My experience:

quality chocolate

If like me,  you too are a fan of dark chocolates, then BeeTees’s Melt dark chocolate is the one to go for. From a palatal point of view, the chocolate releases a pleasant bittersweet taste, well complemented by the palm sugar used in the bar. I enjoy a piece of this superfood whenever I have chocolate cravings. Why I use the term superfood; because it is one of the best sources of antioxidants, is loaded with minerals, can improve health and lower the risk of heart diseases.

The other variant- 48%milk chocolate is favourite among my kids. It is aptly sweet, thanks to the usage of brown instead of regular white sugar; has a velvety texture, with notes of milky flavour as it begins to melt on your tongue, once you put it in the mouth.

For their third variant the coconut milk chocolate, I always resist the urge to chew and eat hurriedly. Instead, I let the morsel of the chocolate sit on my tongue for some time to enjoy the burst of flavours as it melts. This goodie has a smooth texture and the subtle taste of coconut, along with chocolate flavour makes this one worth a recommendation.

How to order:

You can order these chocolates directly from their website. The order process is simple and quick. I remained updated about my delivery status via emails, and it took only 2 days for the chocolates to reach my place. The brand ships the products in a thermally insulated box with a non-toxic reusable ice pack to ensure the chocolates are received in good condition.

The bars are priced at Rs280 [for 55gms]

Apart from the chocolates, they also offer nut butter – Hazelnut chocolate spread, Pistachio spread and Peanut Butter.

The takeaway:

BeeTee’s Melt tick all the boxes of quality chocolate. The brand’s two chocolate bars- Dark chocolate and the coconut flavour one also make a great option for vegans. Besides taste, these two variables give you a healthy dose of health too. Milk chocolate too does not contain refined sugar and is made of pure ingredients only, so you can indulge in it guilt-free. These chocolates are special and unique and make a great gift to impress too.




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5 thoughts on “Love chocolates? Learn how to tell the good quality chocolate.”

  1. Surbhi Prapanna at 7:02 pm

    Yes BeeTee’s melt chocolates are best. I loved the fact that they are preservative free and they had used honest ingredients. I had also reviewed these last week and my family also had a great experience with these amazing chocolates.

  2. Anjali Tripathi at 8:37 am

    Now, after reading this I want to try this for sure. I liked that they don’t contain artificial flavours or preservatives. This is a great option for guilt-free indulgence.

  3. Preetjyot Kaur at 11:05 am

    I have been hearing great reviews about BeeTees’s Melt dark chocolate. Thanks for sharing a detailed review about this. I am now too tempted to try this brand.

  4. Raksha at 2:44 pm

    I have heard so much about BeeTee’s Melt chocolates. I think I really need to get them to see how they taste. I love chocolates so I am always ready to try new ones.

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