Engage your kids in these 6 fun-learning indoor activities


We are in the middle of the pandemic, due to which schools and other play activities for kids are at a standstill. Since kids are at home, parents should take this opportunity to engage them in indoor activities like kids yoga that are fun and at the same time have positive learning results.

Let’s look at some of the indoor activities for kids that are a good mix of physical fitness and mind-stimulating skills:

  • Decorate home together: With festival season around the corner, everyone is excited about decorating their home. You can channel your kid’s exuberance into something productive by involving them in decorating your home together. Encourage your kid to share ideas to make their grey cells work, or suggest them some simple ones -like making collages of family pictures and artwork using beads, sequins and dry leaves, or even upcycling an old piece of furniture using paints. Then, give final touches to work by creatively lacing a few delicate strands of fairy lights around them.

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  • Yoga: When kids are indoors all the time, we need to figure out an exercise regime to keep them physically fit. Yoga is a proven beneficial practice that helps keep the body and mind fit. While introducing kids yoga, care should be taken to not go strict or forceful with the poses; instead, make it a fun learning activity. Some poses to consider for kids yoga: Padmasna, Navasana, Adho Muka Svadhasana, Banarasana, Vrikshana, Bitilasana, Sethu Bandhasana, Bhujangasana, Utkatasana, Balasana, Dhanurasana. If your child is a beginner, you can look for yoga studios and gyms which provide online classes for kids yoga taught by seasoned instructors.
  • Origami: Origami is a traditional art of folding paper in different shapes to create figures and shapes. Besides therapeutic advantages, the hobby can help your kids to increase their creative skills and thinking capability. Other benefits of this fun-learning indoor activity include boosting creativity, mathematical skill development and building cognitive and motor skills in kids. If your kid is a beginner, they can learn it online but might need your help to make clean folds.
  • Crossword Puzzles: If your kid has not yet started, this is the best time to introduce this fun-learning activity as kids have enough time these days to work upon puzzles patiently. You can give them the puzzles according to their age, so they don’t lose interest. The activity is a fun way to enrich their vocabulary and spelling, besides giving them a good exercise for their mind. Another benefit of crosswords puzzles worth mentioning is their ability to keep kids relaxed during stressful times.
  • Terrarium: Many kids take a keen interest in gardening activities these days; how about taking their interest in plants to the next level by teaching them to make a simple terrarium. All you need to do this fun-learning activity is a glass container with an open mouth, potting soil, stones, and small succulents. When kids customise their miniature garden, it enhances their creative skills. The activity is also suitable for their mental health as nature has a therapeutic effect on the mind. 
  • Scrapbook: Scrapbooking is an activity that requires patience and perseverance, now is the right time to introduce this fun activity to the kids at home. This craft activity requires a blank book, into which kids can cut and paste photos, letters, adornments in a creative way. They can also try their hands at painting and sketching to fill in the empty spaces. Scrapbooks make a great keepsake, a possession that your child will cherish forever.

So how are you passing the time with kids these days? Tell us in the comment section about your favourite indoor activities.




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4 thoughts on “Engage your kids in these 6 fun-learning indoor activities”

  1. Surbhi Prapanna at 7:05 pm

    You have shared really great indoor activity options for kids in this post. I had tried most of these with my girls. we loved crafting and DIYs are most. and yes, yoga and indoor workout are also so fun much.

  2. Anjali Tripathi at 8:30 am

    Great options ✌. As schools in various countries around the world close, keeping children engaged at home has become a major concern. I had tried most of these with my kids.

  3. Preetjyot Kaur at 11:04 am

    I really like the options shared by you. My girls spend hours sketching or painting. We even spend a lot of time on Board games, which is one of the best part of their daily routine.

  4. Raksha at 2:43 pm

    These are very good ideas to engage kids. I still remember the scrapbooking with my mom when I was a kid and I enjoyed it so much. Also decorating home together is also a great way.

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