Render an ethnic touch to home décor with authentic Indian handicrafts


Indian handicrafts and accessories as a part of home décor render a beautiful ethnic touch to the place. It is heartening to see that with the growing popularity of traditional art in home décor, our local artisans are slowly and steadily getting their due recognition. Recently, I got to know about the website EK by Ekta Kapoor, which houses products made by Indian artisans. The beautiful handicrafts reflect the Indian culture in their designs and patterns.

The diverse repository boasts of goods that range from home linens, dining, jewellery, home décor, copperware,  and Incense. Every style of craft in each category is deep-rooted and symbolises local Indian culture. Care has been taken to use material, designs and colours that fuel the space with positive and warm vibes.

Besides making your space a welcoming oasis by enlivening different nooks and corners of your home, these handicrafts provide mood-lifting and health benefits too.  For example, the colour palette of the products on the website renders a calm and relaxed atmosphere to the home. The brassware and ceramic collection include artefacts and utensils that are known for their health benefits. The neckpieces and bracelets under the jewellery section have symbols of the evil eye and hamsa hand that protect the wearer against evil spirits and bad luck.

On this aesthetically designed website the menu tab is classified into – Home, Shop by Category, Shop by Collection, New Arrivals, Shop Celeb’s Favourites, Our Story. If you are looking for a particular art form, material or techniques and designs, I suggest one should browse through the Shop by Collection category. 

My shopping experience:

The first thing that caught my eyes is the Mandala collection that uses the art form of geometric design in their bedsheet sets, cushion covers, curtains, jewellery, and tableware. The shapes and patterns used in Mandala evoke a feeling of calmness, balance and positivity in the onlooker.

So here’s what I bought :


Mandala engraved a Copper jug that represents both health and spirituality in one single item. It is said that drinking water from a copper vessel has many health benefits. With its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, copper-infused water improves digestion, slows down ageing, benefits the heart and inflamed joints and flushes out toxins from the body. The eco-friendly jug that is engraved with intricate mandala art, renders an exquisite elegance to my home décor too. The 1500 ml jug comes with a lid and one can also go through the care instructions of the product at the website. Various pictures of the product are taken from different angles that can be zoomed in helping the buyer to see the product up close.

The other product I bought is :

Handcrafted Ceramic Bowl:


 This ceramic bowl is crafted completely by hand. The yellow bowl, prepared with clay on a potter’s wheel and hand-painted with inimitable strokes adds an earthy touch to my interiors.

Under the website’s blue pottery category, one can find ceramicware like decorative plates, vases, boxes, bowls etc. The detailing on each piece is inspired by ancient Indian patterns and motifs and is locally made. The bright yellow and blue hues of the ceramicware instantly spruce up any living space.

Packaging and delivery:

The products were delivered to me within two days of placing the order. Utmost care is taken while packing the ware to prevent breakage or any kind of damage. The products are wrapped in layers of bubble wrap before it is shipped in a box that is taped securely.

An interesting category:

Under the category “ Shop celebs favourite, one can find testimonials of celebrities like Mallika Sherawat, Ankita Lokhande Jain, Sumit Vyas, and Karishma Tanna, about the products they have bought from the website. It is lovely to see celebrities giving a big shout out to the local artisans for their work.






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4 thoughts on “Render an ethnic touch to home décor with authentic Indian handicrafts”

  1. Alpana Deo at 4:37 pm

    wow..lovely collection. Checked their website. I also like Mandala print bedsheets. I don’t have plans of coming to India this year but in my next trip, I will order a few beforehand.

  2. Neha Tambe at 11:37 am

    I like it that celebs like Ekta Kapoor are coming forward and creating avenues for local and indian artisans and artifacts. I loved your shopping as well. Very pretty

  3. MeenalSonal at 2:11 pm

    When crafts work is showcased on the large scale it is surely to get appreciated. Good to know that Ekta Kapoor has started a platform that will give artists to showcase their talent.

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