Add Saffola Fittify in your Diet-Routine with these 4 Products


Consumer products company Marico Limited’s brand Saffola Fittify offers wellness superfoods like cereals, immunity boosters, shakes, peanut butter, olive oil, vitamins and supplements. These products are formulated by nutritionist and carries the brand trust of Saffola. Recently I bought 4 products from the Fittify range to include in my diet and would like to share their review in brief.

Saffola Aura Refined Olive Oil: 


I ordered 500 ml bottle online( comes in 1l and 2l too ) which was delivered to me in good condition in translucent plastic bottle. The speciality of the oil is that it is made from refining high quality Spanish olives. It is rich in anti-oxidants , unsaturated fatty acids and is fortified with Vitamin A&D. I use this oil in everyday cooking and love the taste and aroma it brings into my food. Since I love to bake too, this oil is perfect to use as it doesn’t alter the taste of the baked product. This indeed is a healthy alternative to add in your diet rather than the regular oils.

Saffola Fittify The PerfeKt Gummies for Eye Health:


To support my daughter’s vision health , I ordered these gummies. With the increase in screen time it is important to keep up with the eye health .The daily dosage requires her to take 2 gummies that is equivalent to 2 tomatoes, 20 almonds and 80 Carrots. Enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, these gummies help maintain good eye function and overall clear vision. The gummies come in the shape of teddy bear . My daughter loves its strawberry flavour and the good thing is it doesn’t stick to the teeth too. These gummies for eye health are suitable for Vegans too. It does not have any added sugar, and are gluten free, soy free, preservatives, colourants and artificial flavour free.

Saffola Fittify The PerfeKt Gummies for Bone Health:

I am a person who is conscious about my health. But sometimes due to house and professional work , it becomes little difficult to consume a perfect diet every day. That’s why it becomes important to support the health by taking supplements; and if the supplement comes in the form of yummy gummies it becomes all the better!! Two gummies contain nutrients equivalent to 1 glass milk, 1 bowl of papaya and 30 almonds. Enriched with Vitamin D and Calcium the gummies strengthen muscles and bones. Initially I ordered pack of 30 gummies , but seeing the positive effect on my health , I am planning to buy pack of 60 gummies regularly. These gummies too are free of sugar, gluten , soy , preservatives, colourants and artificial flavour . I especially like the mango and strawberry flavour and would highly recommend this product.

Saffola Fittify high protein Steel cut oats:


I love oats in breakfast and always use the steel cut ones in my diet as they are high in fibre, has low glycaemic index, are naturally gluten free, high in protein , and gives your body sustained energy . I prefer using steel cut oats from Safolla as they are low in sodium and helps in reducing cholesterol level. With no added sugar and preservatives , they make a right breakfast option for me. I usually make steel cut oats on the stovetop. I first lightly dry toast them in a pan over medium heat and then take 2 cups of milk and add ½ cup of toasted oats in it . I let it simmer on low heat for half an hour before consuming it; simple and hearty recipe . Do try it.




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