About Me

Hello all, I am Milan, less of a talker and more of a person who observes.  When not writing, I enjoy parenting my kids, read stuff which catches my fancy, watch movies (thriller, drama and comedy; not necessarily in that order) and loves to dance in front of mirror.

I welcome you all to my digital dairies which is divided into four sections.

  1. Musings: It gives an account of my travels, observations and first-hand experiences.
  2. Parenting: It’s been more than a decade since I have been parenting my kids, so my accumulation of knowledge and skills come in handy when I write on the same.
  3. Lifestyle: It carries writing on politics, hobbies, movies, television, fashion and other run-of-the mill topics.
  4. News you can use: I have segregated news and views which will be of use in your daily life. After all, one of the aspect of writing is that readers should quickly find information relevant to them.

What’s in there for you: through my experience and understanding, I intend to offer the readers some fun, fresh, useful and thought-provoking write-ups. The idea of my website is also to foster a unique connection with all you good people by indulging in some meaningful conversations via “comments”.

So dear readers, a big welcome to my world of words!!

You can contact me at bytetrails@gmail.com

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