How To Bleach Your Hair At Home? No Salon Visits Needed To Color With Colorisma!


Coloring your hair in vibrant hues is a powerful and fun way of expressing yourself. This way, you can exhibit your unique style, creating unlimited new looks. Until recently, we would turn to professional hair stylists to get salon-quality results. But with the bleaching and hair coloring kits available in the market, things are changing. Now you can cut down on your salon visits which have long been digging a deep hole in your pocket. If you want to go blonde or play with bright pastel hair color, or embrace the vibrant hues of red, blue, green, purple , pink or violet hair color, you need to lighten your hair. You can bleach to lighten up your natural hair color and use the best semi-permanent hair color for men and women available in the market- i.e Anveya’s Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color to color your hair in red, blue, green, purple and violet hair colors. This blog is a comprehensive guide that offers a step-by-step method to help you achieve the hair color of your dreams that suits your style. Let’s dive in.

Before using Anveya’s Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color or any other semi-permanent hair color, it is important to bleach your hair. Bleaching is a process of lightening your natural hair color. By lightening your natural hair color, you are creating a blank canvas for easy application of vibrant hair colors. 

Bleaching is a crucial step in the hair coloring process, as it is the deciding factor for maintaining the freshness and vitality of your hair color. Before diving into the bleaching process, let’s gather all the tools required for bleaching your hair at home. 

  • Bowl – 1
  • Brush – 1
  • Hair Bleaching Kit- 1 (consisting of developer and blonder)
  • Vaseline Or any petroleum jelly.
  • Few Clips For Sectioning Hair
  • Gloves – 1 pair
  • Shower Cap – 1

Here is the step-by-step guide for bleaching your hair at home. 

  1. Apply Vaseline On the Hairline 

Wear an old T-shirt while bleaching your hair to avoid any stains. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly, covering your hairline to avoid staining.

  1. Read The Instruction Carefully 

Different bleaching products may have different processing times; they may also vary in the ratio of mixing the developer and blonder. So read the instructions on the label carefully to avoid messing up things. 

  1. Section Your Hair 

hair bleach


Divide your hair into small sections before applying the hair bleach. Apply on the section of hair which needs to be lightened up. If you wish to go for a global hair color, you can bleach your whole hair from root to tip, ensuring even coverage.

  1. Cover & Allow It To Set 

Once you bleach your hair, cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for the specified time mentioned on the label. Avoid leaving the bleach on your hair longer, as it can damage your strands.

  1. Rinse Off 

Rinse off the bleach after the processing time is over, apply a balancing shampoo to balance the pH level of your hair, wash off and apply a deep conditioner or a nourishing hair mask to restore the hydration level of your bleached strands. 

Steps to color your hair with Colorisma 


If you want to create a colorful look without damaging your strands, opt for Anveya Colorisma’s Smart Semi-Permanent hair color with a vivid range of vibrant shades. The best thing about this hair coloring product is that it repairs the damaged strands while coloring your hair because of the presence of Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex. It is a non-invasive, commitment-free, hassle-free and damage-free hair coloring method to flaunt your bright and vibrant hair colors. Coloring your hair in funky, vibrant colors was never so easy with Anvaya Colorisma’s rocking shades. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

  1. Apply On Pre-Lightened Hair 

With gloves and a brush, you are all set to start coloring your hair. Before you start coloring your hair:

  1. Decide which one to go for highlights, lowlights, balayage or global hair color.
  2. Depending on your choice, apply the hair color to the particular section of the strands. If you like to go for cool subtle hues, then you have Havana Teal, LA Pink, and Tokyo Purple as the option; else, you can choose bright, electrifying shades such as Northern Neon, Madrid Red, Morocco Blue, Cairo Yellow and Valencian Orange.
  3. Apply the shade of your choice on dry hair.

        2. Saturate Each Section 

Take each section and apply the brush to your hair, saturating it thoroughly. Let it rest for 25-30 minutes.

  1. Wash Off 

Wash off the hair color after the specified time with a nourishing shampoo and apply conditioner. Dry your hair and see the magic on your hair for yourself.

Now you no longer have to book appointments or make frequent visits to the salon to get salon-quality hair color done. You can easily lighten up your natural hair color and apply the semi-permanent hair color of your choice with Anveya’s Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color, available in 8 vibrant and intoxicating shades you can’t resist.

Frequently Answered Questions 

What Is A Semi-Permanent Hair Color? 

Semi-permanent hair color is the non-invasive way of coloring your hair, as it coats the hair shaft and, unlike permanent hair dye, does not penetrate the hair cortex.

How Are Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors Different?

Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair color is the best because of Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex, which repairs the damaged strands while coloring it.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Color Last?

Semi-permanent hair color lasts for up to 8-10 washes.

Can I Mix More Than 1 Semi-Permanent Hair Color At A Time? 

When it comes to coloring your hair, there are unlimited options. Give wings to your creativity, and there’s no looking back.








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