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I am very careful about the products I slather on my face. I try to use pure, natural and toxic-free products as far as possible, and the skin-smart products from Lotus Botanicals fits the bill. As claimed by the brand “ Lotus Botanicals does not use preservatives at any life stage of the product, making them ideal for everyday use.”  Encouraged by the good reviews , both online and offline, I bought three products from Lotus Botanicals- Face serum, Night gel and Face Jade roller.

I tried the products for a month and found them quite good. And here’s my honest review of these skin-smart products.

Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Glow Hydration Boosting Face Serum :  


I can’t get enough of face serums; they are an essential part of my skincare regime to give me glowing, nourished skin. Face serums are a lightweight, thin-viscosity product that contains a concentrated amount of active ingredients. Since it is one of the best ways to nourish your skin with active ingredients, serums work wonder for the skin. 

Lotus Botanicals face serum is infused with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and Raspberry extracts that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and keeps the skin hydrated.  

My experience:  I have a dry skin and have tried many serums in past, but this hyaluronic serum is a saviour for my skin in winters. Its keeps the skin hydrated , and  once it is absorbed in the skin , I put a thin layer of moisturiser to prevent the evaporation of serum.

The product does the job as claimed. I have been using this sweet smelling serum for past one month daily either at night or day time, and  I have noticed the difference it has made to my facial skin- it remains moisturised and guess the raspberry extracts rich in Vitamin C & E are working their magic to rejuvenate the skin.

Natural Green Tea HydraDetox Soothing Night gel:


This Night gel has natural green tea as active botanical extracts in it. Green tea is known for its anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory , and antimicrobial properties , so this product was a must addition in my night time skin care regime. The gel is also infused with the goodness of Niacinamide, Aloe Vera and cucumber. Niacinamide is a popular ingredient in skincare products that boosts the glow of the skin and Aloe Vera and cucumber are known for their skin healing and soothing properties.

My experience:

My skin tends to get flared up whenever it encounters adverse conditions- pollution, dry weather or even make up. This night gel is a perfect remedy to sooth and calm my skin.   The night gel is very lightweight, spread evenly and gets easily absorbed in the skin. The gel leaves my skin soft and supple after every use. 

Lotus Botanical Jade Roller:


This is the first time I am using a beauty tool for my face, and I am glad I chose Jade Roller from Lotus Botanicals. For the uninitiated- “A jade roller is a beauty tool that uses a cool-to-the-touch gemstone for facial massage”. It is said that a jade roller helps tightening the skin, eliminates lymph stagnation and de puffs the skin

My experience with this tool:

I keep the jade roller chilled in the refrigerator before rolling it over my face . One end of the roller has a stone to use it on face , though I wish the other end comes with smaller stone for under eye area. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool to de stress the facial skin. The good thing is it comes with an instruction card which makes it usage easy and in correct way.  

My Final Take: Try these three skin-smart products from Lotus Botanicals; see the difference, and thank me later.




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